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Amy IppolitiBoulder, CO

Featured Teacher

About the Teacher

New York City transplant, Amy travels the globe extensively helping people bridge the gap between ancient yoga wisdom and modern day life. She believes everyone has the capacity to “turn up their own volume.” Amy is a pioneer for advanced yoga education and founded “90 Minutes to Change the World™,” a professional development program that has enhanced the teaching and career skills of over 1000 yoga teachers worldwide.

She has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine, as well as inside numerous publications including Yoga International, Yoga Journal, Self, New York Magazine, Yogini Magazine (Japan), Allure (Korea), and Elephant Journal. Amy is a faculty member at the Omega Institute and Kripalu. Since the age of 14 Amy has championed all forms of eco-consciousness, rainforest and marine conservation, and animals everywhere.

Business Programs for Yoga Professionals

In 2010, Amy, Amy created “90 Minutes to Change the World,” an online “business of yoga” and professional development teacher training program that has enhanced the teaching and career skills of over 1000 yoga studios and yoga teachers around the world. She has now co-founded 90 Monkeys, the definitive online resource for yoga professionals inspiring change in the world. Read graduate success stories to learn more.

90 Monkeys supports the belief that more people doing yoga equates to more conscious people and therefore more positive change in the world. And so the mission is simple: to change the world through providing yoga instructors and studios the tools to bring in new yoga students and keep more yogis on the mat.

Learn more, register, or begin an on-demand course by clicking here.

Testimonials for 90 MTCTW

“It is not a coincidence that the size of my classes grew even just after signing up for the class!  90 Minutes is an oasis of inspiration and encouragement for local teachers needing to fill up their own well! Thank you Amy!” –  Jenny Clarke

“My confidence sky rocketed and I was even invited to do a workshop out of town.  90 minutes to change the world changed my life. I am recommending it to everyone I know.” – Dianne Bondy

“I am over the moon & deeply inspired by the content Amy Ippoliti has to offer. Such a bright spirit with an amazing offering” – Alex Mazerolle

“Amy’s really mapped out this territory very astutely, and she’s a wonderful, generous teacher. She’s really grounded in win/win, and her vision has great integrity, and she’s offering this course because she really believes in empowering others to give their gifts ABUNDANTLY!” – Lauren Worsh

Home Studio Schedule

Local Schedule:  Tuesdays 5:30 -7:00 pm at the Yoga Pod in Boulder, CO

Online: Take yoga classes with Amy online from anywhere in the world on YogaGlo! Click here to browse her classes.


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