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Jennifer PastiloffSanta Monica, CA

Featured Teacher

About the Teacher

Jennifer Pastiloff is a Los Angeles-based vinyasa flow teacher, a poet, and the creator of “Manifestation Yoga:” Causing Breakthroughs in your life through your asana practice. She is also an ambassador Lululemon Beverly Hills and Manduka.

Jennifer originally comes from Philadelphia by way of NYU before landing in L.A. Starting with Iyengar Yoga, she discovered that yoga helped her to heal many aspects of her life: from depression to injuries from being a runner. She has studied with Annie Carpenter extensively and is the director of Yoga Teachers for So Cal’s chapter of YogaBear (a non-profit that provides free yoga to cancer survivors). She also teacher free yoga to kids and adults with special needs, after being inspired by her nephew Blaise, who has Prader Willi Syndrome.

Jennifer is the founder of G.A.M.E. Yoga: Gifts and Miracles Everyday. Free Yoga for Kids with Special Needs.

In her classes she combines her love of words and poetry and music. Her classes are challenging, yet completely personal. The MOST important part of Jen’s class is having a sense of humor. Her rule of “if you fall, you must laugh,” is strictly enforced.

Yoga helped Jennifer transform her life, and she invites you to do the same and have some fun whilst doing so! Her classes are strong and filled with arm-balances, inversions, and music. What also makes Jen unique is that she has a hearing problem and reads lip. She leads workshops and retreats worldwide, including Yoga + Wine retreats to Ojai, CA and Tuscany Italy, hosts fund-raisers, and writes for LA Yoga and Elephant Journal. Her home base is L.A., where she teaches at Equinox, and The Yoga Collective in Santa Monica.

Home Studio Schedule


7:00pm at Equinox Marina del Rey (opens March 27th, 2012)


9:30am at Equinox South Bay – Manifestation Yoga Flow

7:00pm at Equinox Santa Monica – Manifestation Yoga Flow


5:45 at Equinox South Bay – Vinyasa Yoga


7:00am at Equinox Westwood – Get Up and Flow

7:00pm at Equinox Santa Monica – Relaxation Station: Gentle Yoga


8:15am at Equinox Santa Monica – Get Up and Flow

9:30am at The Yoga Collective – Manifestation Yoga Flow


9:00am at Equinox South Bay – Rockin’ Vinyasa Yoga


“About two weeks ago, i went to the most amazing yoga workshop at yogaco in santa monica, led by one of the most inspirational yoga instructors i have met- jennifer pastiloff. the event was a 3-hour vinyasa workshop and meditation designed specifically to help release whatever you may be holding back in your life and bring you closer to what you want to be manifesting.”Erica Smith

“Jen, Thank you so much for the amazing work you do! You are truly a one of a kind yoga teacher, and probably the best I have yet to find. Each any everyone of your yoga classes is unique and special, because you pour your heart and soul into each class in a different and unique way, and it really is noticed and appreciated. From your amazing sense of humor, to your poetry, to your signature lavender oil, to the talented musicians and healers you work to bring to your classes, which never cease to uplift my soul and brighten my spirit. I feel so grateful and honored to know you and practice with you. You have truly changed my life!” -Carrie Underwood

Jennifer is an awesome creature. I was like four planks of wood nailed together haphazardly before I started with her and she has somehow fashioned rubber from wood.” - Anonymous

“Well, I can touch my toes now anyway. As patient and delightful a teacher and person you could hope for. She’s deaf as a post though so be prepared for some confusing discussions whilst in down dog. If she can fix me, she can fix anyone.” – Gary Lightbody, lead singer, Snow Patrol

“Jennifer Pastiloff is such an amazing yoga teacher that I take her on the sets of al my movies for both group and private yoga sessions. She is challenging but also fun, and provides a great sense of stress relief for both my actors and crew. Her classes are always different and unique, and she plays the best music. If you are in the LA area, check out Jen’s classes or book a private session with her.” – Shana Feste, Director and writer of “Country Strong” starring Gwyneth Paltrow and “The Greatest” starring Susan Sarandon and Pierce Brosnan.

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