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Kelly MorrisNew York City, NY

Featured Teacher

About the Teacher


Unapologetic, famously frank, jacked up on compassion - like no other yoga teacher you’ve ever seen. Kelly Morris is the founder of the renowned Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training Program in NYC. The New York Times and Yoga Journal have called Kelly “one of NYC’s foremost teachers.” Loved by celebrities, beginners and advanced students alike, Kelly Morris blows the mind, rocks the body and opens the heart, Every time.

Home Studio Schedule:

Sundays at 12 Noon | The Shala Yoga House - New York City, NY

Special Event Dates:

Wanderlust in the City – September 9th

Calm Your Crazy: Yoga to Reclaim Your Life @Kripalu November 23rd – 25th


“Kelly Morris paced the huge room, talking about God and other unmentionables like courage and love. Incredibly, nobody squirmed.” – The New York Times

“One of the best yogis in New York.” “Buddha Barbie meets G.I. Jane.” – The New York Post

“Conquering Lion teachers are the absolute most prepared to teach. They come right out of their training and literally conquer students and studios alike. I said I would not hire anyone right out of teacher training but I was wrong. I have had two Conquering Lions on staff and they have been just as skilled as our other staff members, most of whom have been teaching for years.” - Ava Gerber – Owner, Lucky Lotus (Fort Greene, Brooklyn)

“When we opened Yoga High we searched for dedicated, well-trained Yoga teachers. In our search of teachers, we found two Conquering Lion graduates who fit the bill. Each brought their own perspective and personality to the classes they taught, but it was clear that the sequencing and hands-on adjustments they learned in their teacher training supported the solid classes they taught. From our experience auditioning teachers from various trainings, Kelly Morris and Conquering Lion is doing a fantastic job of developing smart, gifted, well-trained Vinyasa teachers.” - Liz Buehler & Mel Russo – Owners, Yoga High (Lower East Side, New York)

“The Conquering Lion graduates are beloved by the Bend & Bloom community! They seamlessly weave creative yoga sequencing with Buddhist mindfulness and meditation into each class. Through extraordinary hands-on assists, the Conquering Lion Teachers help their students to connect with their physical and pranic bodies while sparking their curiosity about the deep, transformative power of yoga. The teachers’ training with Conquering Lion has helped their innate kindness, compassion, and creativity to shine!” - Amy Quinn-Suplina, Bend & Bloom Yoga (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

“I came into CLY with both openness and reticence. I was searching for some clarity and direction in life, but was unsure of my abilities as a yoga practitioner. By the end of the program, my body transcended hard-set boundaries, my mind expanded to new bravery and knowledge and my heart had exploded open with love! I became a part of a fierce, compassionate, and loving community, consisting of angels, lovers, and friends. What I’ve learned at Conquering Lion infiltrates every aspect of my life. Because of my teachers, I am confident and able to take on all the challenges that life can bring, and can recognize new beauty in the world. Kelly Morris and Conquering Lion will rock your world, bring you through your deepest fears and challenges, and lead you to the other side!” - Moriah Ray, BA Fordham University, MFA School of Visual Arts, Artist, Yoga Teacher, Graphic Designer, Mother, Conquering Lion Class of 2011

“When I first started Conquering Lion I didn’t know that much about yoga. I didn’t have much of a practice, but I was searching for a better way to live. And I found it with this program and Kelly Morris. It opened my eyes to see that yoga was not just about stretching on a mat, but rather a way to live your life and make the world around you better. It taught me to see that in each moment we have an opportunity to serve others. And once I began to live with this awareness I experienced a true self-awakening. This program isn’t just about learning how to teach asana, it teaches you how to become a better person.” - Megan Dwyer, BA Georgetown University, Strategic Planning Director, Conquering Lion Class of 2011

“Life-changing. Liberating. Ongoing. I thought I went into the training to deepen my yoga and dharma practice, definitely not to teach. I knew without a doubt that I was not a teacher type. A few weeks into the training I had to remove my foot from my mouth (an important asana you’ll acquire during the training). I’d taught a class of my fellow teacher trainees from beginning to end without anyone dying, without my voice deserting me, without soiling my pants; the notion of me not being a teacher had been shattered. When the dust cleared, I found these little wings on my back. The rest of the training taught me to grow and use those wings. Not just to be a yoga or meditation teacher, or to find new energy and purpose as a creative writer, but to be a person in love with life. Practically speaking, the money you spend now is nothing compared to the value of what you get for the rest of your life.” - John Son, University of Texas – Austin, Bodhisattva, Yoga & Mediation Teacher, Author, Copywriter, Conquering Lion Class of 2011

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