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Leeann CareyTorrence, CA

Featured Teacher

About the Teacher

Yoga found Leeann in the late 1970′s, and hasn’t left her since.

Leeann Carey is a California based yoga teacher with several years of teaching experience. Having sold her studio three years ago, Leeann currently teaches private clients and leads workshops, retreats, and trainings across the country.

Leeann owned and operated the first full-service yoga studio in her community of Southern California almost 20 years ago where she developed important skills for operating a successful ‘yoga business’. Her eclectic blend of yoga, forged over many years of study with such teachers as Kofi Busia, Donna Farhi, Eric Schiffmann, and Judith Lasater just to name a few, appeals to a wide range of students. Leeann shares that knowledge today, both personally and through the Leeann Carey Yoga (LCY) workshops, retreats and teacher training programs which she developed, and are also taught by LCY mentors across the United States. Her style of teaching is direct, with a focus on the therapeutic elements of personalizing the practice to meet individual needs. She is affectionately referred to by many as “the teacher’s teacher”.

Says Leeann, “With gratitude, I stand on the shoulders of all my teachers. They have shared with me an abundance of knowledge and experience that has inspired me to explore and share the path of yoga with others.”

Teacher Training

Yoga works… and it’s contagious…

Often it starts with your first yoga class, but what it always amounts to is the teacher. Perhaps she or he said something that resonated with you. Maybe it was a simple voice of encouragement so often needed in the early stages of learning something new. Or perhaps it was how the teacher quietly paid attention to you in the most skillful and caring of ways.

The LCY training programs bring out the yoga that lives inside you. The time you spend on your yoga mat will feel more like an experience rather than a class. Often times students share with other students how they “feel” after their class rather than what they did. This is the sign of a well-trained, intuitive and present yoga teacher.

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