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Sherri BaptisteKentfield, CA

Featured Teacher

About the Teacher


Sherri Baptiste is an inspirational yoga teacher at the forefront of training in America. She offers approachable training, that shows real people the depth and benefits  of mind•body•breath practices and how best to incorporate the best of yoga, fitness and wellness into their busy lives. She is the daughter of America’s yoga pioneers and master teachers Magana and Walt Baptiste. Founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga, she offers classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training. Her retreats and teacher training programs provide an empowering, peaceful oasis in a hurried world, a place where students can find within themselves the tools and knowledge to support and maintain a happier, healthier and more spiritual lifestyle. The Baptiste Family is recognized for their insight into the rich spiritual heritage and great wisdom teachings of India, while also integrating the very best of Western fitness practices. Teaching the concept of a sound mind in a sound body Baptiste Yoga is taught as a Lifestyle holding aloft the authentic yogic ideal of harmonious Self-development, emphasizing the need for integrating the physical, mental and the deep spiritual dimension into every day living while realizing your deepest potential in Life.

She is the Western Athletics Bay Club Marin Yoga Teacher Certification Program Director and presents for Western Athletics Club’s Bay Clubs, Gold’s Gym, Yoga Studios Larkspur and San Francisco, Nautilus, Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga Therapy Rx Program, Equinox, IDEA World Fitness and Inner IDEA Conferences,  Bhakti Fest, Prana Fest, Holistic Cruise, Body Mind Spirit, Yoga Journal Conference, ECA, AFPA, Can-Fit-Pro, Rancho La Puerta Spa, Poetics of Aging  and Yoga Therapy Conferences. She is the Yoga Expert for serving Kaiser Health Program Members, and for She has instructed for the International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association (under Swami Veda Bharati’s guidance) and conducts yoga retreats at locations such as Kripalu, Omega, Haramara, Bali, India, Napal, Green Gulch Zen Center, Tassajara Zen Center and Feathered Pipe Ranch.

A member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), Sherri’s teacher-training certification and continuing education programs 200 hr and 500 hr are recognized by Yoga Alliance at the highest designated levels of E-RYT 500. She is also recognized by the International Yoga Federation as an honorary member of the World Yoga Council. ABC’s KGO radio yoga expert and television personality, she is featured in video, DVD and CD programs that include “Power of Yoga” and “Power of Meditation.” Sherri is the author of Yoga with Weights for Dummies (Wiley Publishers). She also serves as the online yoga expert for and She is a writer in Best Body Magazine and Alternative Medicine Magazine, Caregivers and Professional Psychologists and Counselors Journal (2012).  Sherri’s specialties include breath-based yoga flow (for all levels), chakras, breath work, meditation, yoga with weights, yoga personal training, yoga for older adults and therapeutic yoga applications.

Home Studio Schedule

Taught by Sherri Baptiste Freeman in Marin County, CA


10:30-11:30 am | Gold’s GymBaptiste Breath Based Flow | Level 2-3, beginners welcome

12:30-1:30 pm | Lucas FilmsLucas Films staff only, not open to the public.

6:30-7:45 pm | Bay Club Marin | Heat Based Dynamic Flow Yoga | class level 2-3


9:00 -10:15 am | Bay Club Marin | Baptiste Breath Based Flow – All levels, beginners welcome

12:30-1:30 PM | Bay Club Marin | Yoga With Weights – All Levels Welcome | Non-member Bay Club drop-ins are welcome to purchase a five or ten Class Card at $20 per class | E-mail if interested ahead of time.


9:20-10:20 am | Gold’s Gym | Yoga With Weights (all levels)

10:30-11:30 am | Gold’s Gym | Baptiste Breath Based Flow – Level 1-3


8:15-9:30 am | MeridianBaptiste Breath Based Flow – Level 1-3

10:00-11:00 am | Osher Marin Jewish Community Center | Baptiste Breath Based Flow | All levels, beginners welcome


8:15 – 9:30 am | Bay Club MarinBaptiste Breath Based Flow – Level 2-3

Private Yoga Sessions and Workshops

Private Yoga Sessions are held in Marin County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to the present Baptiste Power of Yoga™ classes we offer Yoga and Meditation Workhops in your area, if you are interested please fill out the Baptiste Power of Yoga contact form or call 1-888-804-YOGA (9642).

Teacher Training

Baptiste Power of Yoga Teachers Training: A Teachers Training, Yoga Teachers Certification and Advancing Studies Program. Director: Sherri Baptiste, CYT, IYT, ERYT 500

Postures, Techniques, Teaching Methodology, Yoga Anatomy & Physiology, Pranayama/Breath Work, Philosophy, Meditation, Specialty – Yoga with Weights. Teacher Certification Program and Advancing Studies Programs are now in progress. If you would like information on joining this ongoing training or for future training with Sherri Baptiste of Baptiste Power of Yoga™ or Yoga with Weights Training please call 1-888-804-YOGA or send an email to

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Yoga with Weights-Online Learning - Yoga With Weights: Baptiste Method

The modern, western version of weighted yoga was started by Sherri Baptiste, the daughter of power yoga pioneer Walt Baptiste. Yoga with weights is an excellent way to increase muscle mass and bone density while still retaining the mental and relaxation benefits of traditional yoga.

Join Sherri Baptiste, author of Yoga With Weights for Dummies, for this 12 week online learning program. During the 12 weeks you’ll learn how to build core stability and improve balance as you exercise, tone, and shape your body. Maximize your workout potential and bring home an inspiring practice that restores energy and keeps you looking and feeling your best.

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