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Susanna Harwood RubinNew York City, NY

Featured Teacher

About the Teacher

Susanna is committed to finding beauty and cultivating creativity in everyday life. Combining her life as a yoga teacher with her background as a visual artist and writer, her classes offer an experience of intensity and grace designed to awaken each student’s individual artistry.

Passionate but playful, creative yet grounding, Susanna invites her students to seek out the seed of each pose within themselves, joining alignment to individual sensibility in order to unfold it in their own ways. Susanna believes that at the heart of each person’s practice is an originality that can be accessed so that their yoga becomes their artistic expression. Her refined alignment-based practice combined with flowing vinyasa sequences elegantly empower body, heart, and the creative mind.

Susanna is a storyteller who particularly loves sharing Hindu myth and Tantric philosophy, weaving both into all of her classes. She has spent over eleven years immersed in studying the Shrividya lineage of Rajanaka Yoga with Dr. Douglas Brooks, her teacher and friend, with whom she travels regularly to South India. Susanna’s spiritual home is the great Nataraja Temple of Chidambaram, about which she has extensively written, and where her heart resides. She has given talks on yoga and Hindu myth for the Yoga Teacher Academy and at yoga studios internationally.

Susanna’s weekly public classes are at Virayoga, in Soho, New York City, and she teaches frequent workshops at Abhaya Yoga in Dumbo, Brooklyn. In addition, Susanna teaches workshops nationally and internationally. Her online classes can be found on StudioLiveTV.

Home Studio Schedule


Monday 7:15-8:45pm

Tuesday 6:15-7:45pm

Wednesday 10:00-11:30am

Saturday 4:15-5:45pm

Abhaya Yoga:

Tuesdays in August 4-5:30

StudioLiveTV, Susanna and Abhaya Yoga collaborate to film four donation-based classes entitled DEVI: Four Weeks Four Goddesses
Check Abhaya’s website for details and for Fall events.

Writing & Art

Susanna delights in bringing the yoga off of the mat and into other creative forms. She currently writes on yoga, writing, art, and life for a number of publications, including Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, and Origin Magazine. Overlapping with her early years as a yoga teacher, Susanna lectured and wrote extensively for NYC’s Museum of Modern Art, including co-writing the book Looking at Matisse and Picasso. She continues to work as a visual artist creating drawings and installations deeply influenced by her yogic studies.

Writing Your Practice

Susanna created Writing Your Practice workshops for yogis, which apply yoga philosophy and myth to the practice of writing. She teaches a Writing Your Practice 10-part teleconference writing course for yogis, in which she assists people in finding and refining their voices.  In the past two years the course has included students from North, Central and South America, Europe, and Africa. A new session will begin this October 2013. For more information, please visit the Writing Your Practice section of her website.

Immersions, Immersion Waves & Teacher Trainings


Sagara is the Sanskrit word for ocean, a place of vast potential in which we experience our own depth and fluency.

IMMERSION: Susanna and Laura Tulumbas Juell, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic counselor will lead a full SAGARA IMMERSION at Virayoga beginning Oct 23. The Sagara Immersion provides students with a thorough knowledge of yoga asana, alignment, meditation, Ayurveda, pranayama, the history of yoga and tantric philosophy. This immersion is designed for students wanting to deepen their yoga practice as well as those preparing for teacher training.

IMMERSIVE WAVES: Beginning this fall, Susanna will co-teach a series of three SAGARA IMMERSIVE WAVES, weekend intensive experiences focused on key topics in yoga. These are designed for the yoga student who wants to dive more deeply into their practice as well as those preparing for Teacher Training. Co-teachers are Laura Tulumbas Juell and Dana Covello, longtime friends and superlative teachers. Dive into:
Anatomy of the Breath, Bandhas, and Pranayama  Sep 27-28
Movement and Myth, Mantra and Meditation  Nov 22-23
Ayurveda Jan 24-25
Please visit Virayoga Immersions for information and registration.

TEACHER TRAINING: The 2014 Sagara Teacher Training designed and led by Susanna and Laura Tulumbas Juell, will also include guest teachers Tantric Scholar Dr. Douglas Brooks and Yoga Anatomy expert Leslie Kaminoff. TT begins February 2014. Both Laura and Susanna are Yoga Alliance Certified E-YRT-500. Please contact for more information.


Susanna’s website
Susanna on demand (StudioLiveTV)

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