Finding Inspiration: What Inspires You?

Inspiration is what moves us.

It’s what drives us to be better versions of ourselves and it feeds our passions. What’s most amazing about inspiration is that is can be found just about anywhere, and for every person, the inspiration that feeds their respective engines is different and ever changing.  We talked to some of the be present all-stars about what inspires them and learned that while they may be inspiring students and fellow yogis day to day, they are moved by simple things in life – and more often than not, it’s their students.

So, what inspires you?

Maria Garre: 1 of 8 | VIEW ALL SLIDES
Truly, life just simply inspires me on a daily basis. Alongside that, my teachers, students and vibrant community I am a part of elevate me to live in joy, integrity and peace.
Jodi Komitor: 2 of 8 | VIEW ALL SLIDES
That’s easy … kids! I love their in the moment attitude, innocent thirst for learning & innate connection to one another and nature.
David Romanelli: 3 of 8 | VIEW ALL SLIDES
Mixing modern and ancient…meditation and entertainment…yoga and chocolate.
Roberto Lim: 4 of 8 | VIEW ALL SLIDES
Many things inspire me from simplicity and wonder of nature, dancers in embodied movement, and music that captures the emotion of a moment/experience.
Gina Caputo: 5 of 8 | VIEW ALL SLIDES
I'm inspired by curiosity. A student who is curious about their perceived limits and plays the edges of their comfort zone fuels me immeasurably! I am never so pumped as when someone questions whether the story they've been telling themselves all along is actually true and acts out! Lucky for me, I get to see this happen every day in the yoga room - adults continuing to evolve – it’s a magnificent thing!
Coral Brown: 6 of 8 | VIEW ALL SLIDES
What inspires me is that over 20 million people in the United States are practicing yoga*. With yoga’s ability to heal, integrate and nourish the body, mind and spirit, that means that we have an opportunity, 20 million fold, to heal the collective and share the wisdom of the ages! That is a pretty magnificent reason to practice yoga. *yoga in America study 2012 by yoga journal
Bo Forbes: 7 of 8 | VIEW ALL SLIDES
What inspires me is seeing the extraordinary breakthroughs people create through tools from the yoga and mindfulness traditions. Embodied awareness is the key instrument in transformation; yoga (and yoga therapy) really help people fine-tune that instrument.
Dana Santas: 8 of 8 | VIEW ALL SLIDES
People who recognize what matters and do the right thing because it’s right--not because they want to be applauded for it. And my golden retriever; I aspire to give love as unconditionally as he does and, ultimately, to become as a good a person as he seems to think I already am.
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