Finding Your Flow With SUP Surfing

We all have something inside of us that produces basketball sizes butterflies and keeps us up all night before we embark on the adventure. 

 It may be a new job, family vacation or the yoga class with the teacher that we have dreamed of practicing aside. Whatever it is, it touches our soul, it makes feel alive.  

With years of wakeboarding behind me but the crave for the adrenaline rush still very active, Stand-up paddleboard surfing entered my world. It filled the void of hurling myself through the air and challenged me by serving up a daily dose of humble pie in the flavor of Mother Ocean. Being a new and unique experience from flat water SUP and SUP Yoga, it added just what I needed. And at the time was unaware of how much it would play into my yoga practice.  

SUP surfing, like yoga, allows us to freely express ourselves and move with fluidity. As we transition from pose to pose on our mats, we link turns on the face of the wave all while connecting with our breath. Even with the similarity in the movements, the breath work is what has played the most significant role in SUP surfing.  

Like any scenario we are in, our breath controls our movements and keeps us present. In SUP surfing, if we get to ahead of ourself, we get ahead of the wave and lose the ride it brings. If we are not conscious of our breath during a fall we may put ourselves in a place of fear and panic, taking away from the experience on the water. It's similar to yoga as when we allow our mind to wander to the land of the todo list, we lose track of our practice. Our breath leaves us and we become stiff, rigid and unable to fully enjoy the practice we love.

While yoga and SUP surfing are two distinctly different activities both connect inside of us. For me, it resonates with my soul, plays beautiful songs with the heart strings all while making me feel alive.  

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Jeramie Vaine is a Professional Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Athlete, CorePower Yoga 200-hour Power Yoga certified instructor, SUP Yoga Instructor and WPA Level 2 SUP Instructor.  In 2011, he was introduced to both SUP and Yoga, where a love for a healthy, active lifestyle was born.  He has been given the opportunity to sh...READ MORE