Flow to the Music With This Trance-Inducing Playlist

Do you have a favorite food dish? You love how each ingredient and spice has its specific purpose, adding texture and flavor to each bite. It is mouthwatering goodness that leaves you feeling full, yet still wanting more. 

Just like your favorite meal, a yoga class can have the same effect. The instruction, cues, and sequencing are just what you need every time you step into the studio. Often the special sauce is the music flowing around the breaths and asanas. 

Anton Mackey, a Phoenix-based traveling yogi, serves us this kind of yoga experience. Inspired by many spiritual traditions, Mackey teaches vinyasa classes that challenge the body, calm the mind, and help create a deeper connection to the soul. Layered on top of those powerful elements is music you will want to Shazam. Luckily, you won’t have to because he gave us access to one of his favorite playlists. We’ve flowed through these songs and we confirm the awesomeness of each soulful selection.

To better understand the beats behind Anton Mackey’s yoga flow, we caught up with him for a little Q&A.
How would you characterize your yoga teaching style?
My classes are a challenging blend of power and flow infused with lighthearted spirituality. I believe that the practice should cultivate a balance between the feminine Shakti (moon energy) and the masculine Shiva (sun energy). My class focuses on using movement with the breath to cultivate stillness in the mind.

What is the purpose of playing music in your yoga classes?
I feel that the right music can enhance the yoga practice by helping students find a rhythm to move to. My playlist is created to be the background to the physical practice.

Tell us more about this specific playlist. What inspired this collection of songs? Is there a theme you were capturing?
The songs in this playlist have a trance-like quality that stimulate vibration throughout the lower chakras.

What yoga pose do you see the class building toward?
The playlist helps bring the students into a deeper meditative savasana.

What music is the most calming to you? What is the most motivating?
The most calming and grounding music to me is Trevor Hall. And the most motivating music is beats that have a trance like quality that keeps me and my students present on the mat.

Once you listen, you will crave more. LISTEN NOW on Spotify.

18 Songs to get you in the flow:

    1.    All I Really Need Vindata Kinzie May
    2.    Light  Dr. Toast
    3.    Vibration  Sophia Black
    4.    Penthouse Suites   Wise Blood
    5.    U Make Me Feel Good  Astronomy
    6.    The Sea - Night Version  MO
    7.    Castle  Halsey
    8.    Stay Closer  Zhu
    9.    So This Is Goodbye  William Fitzsimmons
    10.    Paradise Awaits  Zhu
    11.    I Want U    Alision Wonderland
    12.    Fire Rides   MO
    13.    Pilgrim     MO
    14.    Goddess   Banks
    15.    Nothin On My Mind  Astronomy
    16.    Body Gold   Oh Wonder
    17.    Everything  Yinyues Mimi Page
    18.    Grandmothersphere   East Forest

This post originally appeared on stelari.com

Photo by Jason Wilde