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Four Ways to Help Start Doing the Things You Know You Should Do

Have you ever noticed yourself not doing the things you know you need to do to feel better about yourself, your life or a particular situation?

For example, you feel stressed and know yoga and meditation would be the best thing for you, but instead of doing them you watch a movie, go out for a drink, or just keep pushing yourself to “do more”. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, you know making that phone call, sending that email, or writing a regular newsletter is the best thing for you and the growth of your business, but you put it off and let your fear get the best of you. You could be trying to get healthy, and instead of changing what you eat, moving your body and exercising (in a fun way), you keep eating the stuff and doing the things that keep you where you don’t want to be.

Why do we sabotage our health, happiness and overall well-being? Why is it so hard to do the things we know will make us feel better?

As someone who has grown a spiritual practice over the last seven years I have come up against that same resistance—putting everything else before me—while learning how to truly be with myself everyday, and look forward to and love every moment. As an entrepreneur who succeeds by being productive and action-oriented, I know what it’s like to sabotage my success by procrastinating or not taking care of my health.

I am also someone who has broken the habits of using alcohol, sugar, food and other ways of numbing myself; effectively preventing myself from knowing me, or feeling my emotions. It’s through these things that I’ve learned to make healthier choices and honor myself.

So how can putting me, my body, and my happiness first be fun and easy?

1. Drop the guilt.

Stop feeling bad about the shit you didn’t do and think you should’ve done. It doesn’t matter. What matters most is what you do right now, and now and now. Every moment you come back to your breath, inhale deeply and exhale fully is a rebirth, a new beginning and an opportunity to make changes.

Quit beating yourself up. Accept where you’re at and what you have or haven’t done. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be the empowered super human that you came here to be.  You are Infinite Spirit and your awesomeness is way more humungous than all the crap that keeps you small, low-vibing and unhappy. Drop that unneeded guilt and make better choices in this now and all the nows moving forward!

2. Listen to your body’s wisdom.

You have 60 trillion cells of infinite wisdom twinkling inside of you, working together for your highest wholeness! Unfortunately most of us keep ourselves so busy that we forget about going within when we feel stressed, sick, in pain or out of balance. Instead, we go around and we ask for everybody else’s opinion about what’s wrong with us or we just flat out ignore the red flags until we have a downward spiral crash. The first place you should always turn is to yourself.

I teach a practice of turning inwards and listening to the body’s wisdom so you can decipher the hidden messages of your body and spirit by learning to listen. The pain and stress you feel is the body’s way of communicating messages of truth to you. When you feel those red flags it means something needs to change. If you don’t listen, you won’t hear it.

Usually the act of listening is enough to  dissolve the negative energy and create new choices with more ease. If after you’ve done all you can do to listen to your body and still you have no clarity, then go seek help elsewhere.

3. Do what is fun and feels good.

If it’s not fun, you won’t do it…for long. Ever notice how we fall off the wagon so easily with diets, exercise programs and all sorts of other stuff we say we’re committed to? Why is that? Probably because they’re not fun!

Whether it’s your spiritual practice, transforming the way you eat, running a business, working a day-job, exercising or whatever: you have to make it fun. If you don’t, then you won’t do it and you’ll be unhappy.

My intention for all my services, adventures, articles and videos first and foremost, is that they are fun. Fun for me and fun for you. This makes growing and loving life a whole lot easier; as apposed to it being a push, a struggle and a pain in the ass.

Learn to see it all as an adventure and learn to make it all fun. It will take practice, but if you want to be happy every moment of everyday, it’s well worth figuring out, and there’s no time better than now.

4. It’s all about vibes.

It’s all about doing the things that will raise our vibrations to the highest level in all moments! When we increase our frequency our addictions, judgments, thoughts, habits, relationships and every part of ourselves  transform. When making choices—whatever the choice may be—ask your body and self (not your mind): “will this fill me up with energy” or “will this take my energy away.” As soon as you ask, you will instinctually know in your heart.

Choose the things that raise your vibes and your life will be easier, more fun and you will live in the land of love, magic and pure possibility. Breath work is the number one way to raise your vibes, so learn it and do it everyday.

Here is an audio meditation to help you out:

I hope some of these Grounded Perspectives will serve you well in making choices that fill you up to higher levels of love and divine appreciation for this beautiful life we’ve been given. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to offer any further insights. If you have any insights on how you’ve moved through the resistance of doing what you know you should do, please comment below and let everyone know!




World adventurer, social entrepreneur, meditation teacher and lover of Life. Brad Morris is the founder of Cowabunga Life and creator of ‘The 40 Day Vision Quest Program’. Brad lives & breathes his bucket list and supports others to live their dreams too. His day job at Cowabunga Life includes leading people on epic Spiritual adventures around the world to places like Peru, Hawaii, Mexico & more … In his spare time he has taught thousands of people to create a meditation practice they love through workshops, speaking and online programs. The Dude has a global following for his popular articles & videos published weekly on Cowabunga Life, Yoganonymous, FinerMinds & other renowned personal growth websites. More on BradiDude at

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