Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Uttara Phalguni (Vedic Astrology)

A penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible from most places on earth this Wednesday, except Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Greenland, and Eastern Brazil. The greatest moment of the eclipse will be at 4:48 a.m. PST on March 23rd, just before the peak full moon moment at 5:01 a.m.

We're now two weeks past the beginning of this lunar cycle, which brought a total solar eclipse with a huge pileup of planets in sidereal Aquarius. I've heard from many people how this stirred up a lot of issues in their lives. The first eclipse brought forward our shadows around the dichotomy between universal service and our own self-empowerment and personal values, and pushed us to unearth limiting beliefs and negative patterning around whatever house Aquarius is in our personal Vedic chart (download my free e-book with the forecast for your sign if you haven't yet!).

The full moon point in a cycle is the time to reflect back on that energy that started us out and take a look at how to integrate that energy in a new way. This full moon falls in sidereal Virgo, just beyond that Aquarius-balancing sign of Leo. This compels us to look even further beyond harmonizing the energy that was eclipsed, and take it to a transformational level. It pushes us to get really clear about the details of whatever shadow work came up for us around March 8th. We need to get down to the nitty-gritty and re-organize our patterns of thinking and behavior into some practical routines that will help us to move forward free from the shadows that arose.

The eclipse falls with the full moon in the same sign where Rahu still resides, Uttara Phalguni. This Vedic nakshatra bridges Leo and Virgo. (Although Rahu is still in Leo, he is in the same sign as the full moon in Virgo.) This is a very powerful star for helping us to balance self-love and universal-love, which were areas that the solar eclipse challenged us to better integrate. Uttara Phalguni is a star of charity and generosity, ruled by the sun, bringing forth an energy of leadership, courage, and care for society. It's also related to relaxation, reminding us that we must care for ourselves in order to be able to care for others. Its deity is Aryaman, who represents friendship, companionship, and kindness.

As Rahu's shadow obscures the moon in this sign during the lunar eclipse, we may feel cut off from these benevolent qualities, as we struggle to find contact with our emotional bodies. It is best not to eat or drink during the eclipse, and not to look at them directly. Instead, do practices (chanting, meditation) to try to call forth the highest lessons the eclipse has to offer you. We could fall into emotional confusion, or we could take this moment to consciously find emotional detachment, and step into a space of Virgoan practicality, as we examine what is coming up for us.

The Mercury-ruled, down-to-earth sign of Virgo aims to give us a much needed perspective to balance the intensity of our inflamed beliefs resulting from Jupiter and Rahu in Leo. Watch out though—on the other side of the sky, Virgo's ruler Mercury sits in debilitation and combustion, in close alignment with the sun in sidereal Pisces. This could make us a little more steam-headed than usual, and less on track with those details we so wish we could get organized. Remember that this eclipse cycle is part of a larger one that is running from now through mid-2017, so we'll have more chances to get it right.

This lunar eclipse will drive you deeper into exploring the themes of the Aquarius-Leo axis in your chart. It will be especially powerful for anyone who has prominent planets or rising sign in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra.*

This full moon also kicks off the Hindu holiday called Holi. In this sportive festival, which is much like a new year's celebration, people throw colored powders at each other as a way to playfully let go of any aggression held from the past year. It's a time to forgive and start anew, coming just after the equinox, the balancing point of the solar cycle. It is a fresh start for Mother Nature in the northern hemisphere (great time for a spring cleanse!). If you're in a place where you can celebrate Holi, participate and play! Use this collective energy of renewal to help you with the transformational process urged upon you by the eclipses!

*I'm still offering a special Eclipse Reading Package to help you to navigate through this 1.5-year transit of Rahu and Ketu! A personal chart reading reveals a lot of the details around what is happening for you karmically.

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