Full Moon in Mighty Magha (Vedic Astrology)

There will be a powerful full moon on Sunday night, leading up to its peak on the morning of February 22 at 10:19 a.m. PST. This will lead us into the tremulous eclipse season, where we'll experience two eclipses over the next month. The full moon falls in sidereal Leo, opposing the sun in sidereal Aquarius. 

The moon joins a heavy influence from Jupiter and Rahu, who sit near the end of Leo, making us feel a strong drive toward duty, power, and responsibility. Meanwhile, the sun may feel the shadow energy of south-node Ketu joining him in Aquarius, which can bring a contraction of the physical body or of our sense of connection with spirit.

This full moon in Leo will really light up our sense of personal power and strength. We are able to get in touch with the emotional sensation that consumes us when we feel responsible, in charge, and accomplished. This may come as the bounty of an active time of service, as sun in Aquarius has motivated us to take our bodies and actions toward a place of universal service this month (though we may have neglected self-care a little in the process). We may have felt some confusion around this effort due to Ketu's recent transit into Aquarius, and Rahu's into Leo. 

The transformative energy of the lunar nodes will compel us forcefully into our subconscious for the next month, surrounding the solar and lunar eclipses on March 8 and 23. If we are holding any personal shadows in our psyches around the relationship between service and personal power, it is likely that these shadows will come to light. We must look for how to achieve a symbiotic balance between the two, rather than pin them in our minds as a discordant opposition. Jupiter's and Rahu's presence in Leo can amplify any feelings of lust for personal power or greed, which are likely to flare up around this full moon if we aren't careful (i.e. mindful).

This theme will continue for the next year and a half, as long as Rahu and Ketu, the north and south nodes of the moon, transit these signs, shaking things up around whatever houses these are in your personal chart. It's likely that you will go through a lot of change in whatever areas of life these are for you.**

This full moon is on the Vedic nakshatra (star-sign) called Magha, "the mighty." Falling across the first 13 degrees of Leo, this constellation summons forth the kingly, divine stature of the sun (Leo's ruler). Magha constellation was often interpreted as a throne, other times as a lion. It is one of the brightest nakshatras in the sky, evocative of its royal nature. The deities for this star are the Pitris—"the fathers," our ancient ancestors. This is a powerful full moon for calling forth ancestral wisdom and knowledge. This star is ruled by Ketu, who also relates to deep-seated subconscious wisdom that may come from past lives or ancestors.

This full moon is also receiving a drishti (glance, or aspect) from Saturn, which could be helpful as he reminds us to slow down and not get too headstrong in our grabs for power and responsibility. The Sun receives a drishti from Mars, which may help to rev up our vitality a bit while the solar giant sits with fatigue-inducing Ketu. Mars will have just transited into Scorpio on February 20, where he will join Saturn for the greater part of the summer, through September. This combination will bring a lot of intense energy to the sign of Scorpio, and whatever houses and planets lie there in your chart. 

Eclipse cycles, as we are entering now, are very important times to boost or maintain your spiritual practice, so as not to feel tossed about by the powerful shadow drives that are arising now. Meditation, routine, and grounding practices are the key to overcoming psychological upheaval, as the menacing eclipse energies can tend to throw us off-balance. Lighting a candle is a particularly helpful part of practice to incorporate, to call forth illumination to the shadowy, smokey energy of the nodes, Rahu and Ketu.

**Eclipse cycles such as now are very important times to receive a personal reading to get a jump-start on understanding how you will feel affected individually. We will also cover what the ominous Mars-Saturn conjunction means for you. 

**I am now sharing a free Rahu-Ketu Forecast for Each Rising Sign to help you understand the unique effects of this transit and the upcoming eclipses for you, available for free at somyadevi.com.

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