Full Moon in Mrigashira: The Wandering Deer (Vedic Astrology)

This month the Moon will reach peak fullness on Tuesday, December 13 at 4:06 p.m. PST, near the end of sidereal Taurus, in Mrigashira nakshatra.

Mrigashira is a Vedic constellation that bridges the Taurus and Gemini sections of the sky. It is made up of four stars located along the shoulder of Orion that form the shape of a deer’s head. The full Moon here brings forth the gentle and wandering energy of the deer. The playful and curious nature of this star illuminates a nice contrast between the deep and intense energy of Scorpio, where we began this Moon cycle.

The Scorpio Cycle

Our lunar month began with the Sun and Moon joining in sidereal Scorpio, under the heavy influence of a kala sarpa yoga. The “black snake” shadow energy imposed by the nodal alignment added to the fears brought on by Saturn’s conjunction with an already self-protective Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign where we are most deeply reminded of our vulnerability, and can erect an insect-like shell to protect ourselves from hurt and danger. The emotions during a Scorpio cycle can be extremely intense, due to Mars’ rulership of this fixed, introverted water sign. It’s a time where we really check in with our depths.

Scorpio reminds us of the universal constant: change. An acute awareness of this during the Scorpio cycle can often feel overwhelming, especially if we don’t have a lot of Scorpio energy in our natal chart and aren’t used to it. The kala sarpa alignment on top of this brings up layers of shadow work, and often old or new traumas. But as with every Moon cycle, the full Moon or halfway point illuminates the opposite side of the sky and helps us to integrate the lessons of the cycle.

This full Moon in Taurus (on the cusp of Gemini) helps us to reconnect with our heart centers and find some stability amidst these turbulent times. Whichever sign the Moon transits influences the mood of our hearts and minds. When we began the cycle in vulnerable Scorpio, that set the tone for the month, but on the days when the Moon transits Taurus (Dec. 12-13) we sense the strong stability of the bull. The Moon is considered exalted in Taurus, because this earth sign provides a strong and steady place for the heart and mind to rest and find peace. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so we can take a break from the warrior-spirit brought on by the Mars-ruled Scorpio cycle and just enjoy the beauty of life for a moment.


This full Moon is in the last few degrees of Taurus, in the beginning of Mrigashira nakshatra. Mrigashira is a light-hearted and curious nakshatra. Like the deer she represents, this constellation also likes to avoid danger and prefers to look at the bright side of life. Also like the deer, there is a wandering and searching nature to this star, so we may notice ourselves feeling restless with the Moon in this star, despite the grounded and earthy quality of Taurus. People with this star prominent in their birth charts tend to move from place to place a lot. The deity related to Mrigashira is Soma, a name for the Moon, and there is also an association with Parvati here.

Ayurvedic Tips

During this full Moon the Sun will still be joined closely with Saturn. This can be vata-aggravating to our bodies and nervous system. As we have entered the vata season in the northern hemisphere, we need to pay extra attention to our self-care routines and avoid cold and wind as much as possible. A vata-pacifying diet is called for at this time of year, full of warm and nourishing soups and stews with plenty of warming digestive spices and teas. It’s a good practice to rub sesame oil on the soles of the feet before bed, as well as a few drops around the ears and the top of the head. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, and drink warm liquids only, avoiding ice and cold beverages. Favor moist cooked foods over raw or dry foods, which are vata-aggravating. 

Mars, Venus & Mercury

Mars has just entered Aquarius, where he’ll transit for the next month. This could bring inspire us to take action for the greater good, and get involved with selfless service. At the same time, he’s now joining Ketu, which could bring some confusion around how we direct our actions, and could deplete our energy a bit. Venus is still in Capricorn and catching an aspect from its ruler, Saturn. This is making us think more practically about our relationships, and take on more responsibility towards supporting them. This is a great time to consider our long-term goals in our relationships and how we will have to step up to meet those. And a heads up--Mercury goes retrograde on December 19th. This might give you a chance to revisit or clear up some previously unresolved conversations over the holidays.


The solstice is coming on December 21! The darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and the brightest in the south. This is the day that the Sun shifts from his northern to southern course (as seen from earth). A few days of darkness can incite the most inward and introverted time of the year, so be gentle with yourself if you find yourself socializing and interacting with family to the max. Be sure to Follow Me for more updates on the bigger picture surrounding the solstice, the return of the light, and the new year!

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