Full Moon in Virgo: Shine On

A full moon in Virgo highlights the classic Virgoan qualities of selfless service, a focus on the details and self-analysis. It’s a good time to watch overdoing these qualities and making sure they don’t fall into the lower expressions of this aspect such as martyrdom, perfectionism, and self-criticism.

In fact, as the moon shines its light on radiant Virgo, this is a great time to indulge in significant self-care. Whether that be lighting a candle and taking a bath, heading to your favorite yoga class or removing some things from your over-full plate, this moon can help to illuminate your own health and well-being.

"But there's a full moon risin', lets go dancing in the light." ~Neil Young

In addition to the Virgo moon, its relationship to Pluto and Uranus at this time could also bring some significant energy into making radical changes when it comes to your health. Have you been wanting to scrap the stressful overachieving attitude? Have you been wanting to quit a bad habit? This moon’s aspects favors a radical shift in your attitude and behavior…so, why not take advantage of it and go for it?

Use this moon’s transformative light to bring some illumination to your own highest state of good. There is also a relationship with Venus in the sky tonight, meaning that you may want to be aware of shifts in regards to your intimate relationships, creative endeavors or financial status.

The best course of action in any full moon, of course, is to get ready to let go of what no longer serves you, to take stock of what you’ve planted and clear away any weeds that are thwarting your ever-growing garden. 

Tonight, try writing down all the things that are no longer needed, particularly in terms of your health and well-being. Light a candle and (safely!) burn the paper, allowing the light of the candle and full moon to transform your intentions into reality!

Alanna kaivalya

Alanna Kaivalya is an artistic and inspiring teacher of yoga. Born with a hearing impairment, Alanna learned through the power of vibration at a young age, and was then naturally drawn to the harmonic practice of yoga. Listed as Yoga Journal’s top 21 Yoga Teachers Under 40 (March, 2008), and now with mor...READ MORE