Happy Indigenous People "Columbus Day" | 6 Fast Facts

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Columbus "discovered" America, allowing Europeans to pursue freedom in the new land and basically wiping out Native Americans. We complied 6 fast facts about the day.

1. Columbus Day has been around since 1937. Was this some way for FDR to get us out of the Great Depression?

2. South Dakota celebrates Indigenous People Day. South Dakota is anti-Columbus. The state changed the name 25 years ago in honor of the indigenous people who suffered near-annihilation after Columbus "discovered" America. Berkeley, Cali., Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash. also celebrate Indigenous People Day.

3. Many Native Americans hate the holiday. Obviously Native Americans had their fortunes decline after Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He and his people brutalized some and enslaved others. Some do point out that the holiday should serve as an opportunity to bring all Americans together.

4. There are tons of towns with the name "Columbus" in them. Over 30.

5. Mail is delivered on the holiday. Oh and you probably have to work.

6. Like most American holidays, Columbus Day = huge sales. Enjoy.


What do you think? Should we change the name of Columbus Day?

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