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Hawaiian Healing Technique: Ho’opono’pono

With this world of chaos, corruption, constant change, unknowns and “Occupy Everythings,” how do we drop the judgments and consistently maintain an optimistic, open heart?

Forgiveness is a virtue that has been spoken about and practiced throughout the ages by mystics, sages and everyday humans. The book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale powerfully explained a Hawaiian Healing Technique known as “Ho’opono’pono,” which takes people through the process of forgiveness and reconciliation in four simple sentences.

The song in this video was inspired by this powerful healing method which is quickly being picked up by millions around the world…Julie Blue & her choir from Vancouver BC do an incredible job putting it to music and I am honored to be able to share it’s power with this video.

Before pressing play

Stop. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Imagine sinking into your heart.

How did you feel watching this? 

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The Four Steps of Ho’opono’pono

Step 1 –> Responsibility & Acceptance: Only you are responsible for how you feel, what you’re thinking, judging, projecting or experiencing in the world. By taking responsibility for your experience, you are owning it and therefore taking back your power to transform it! Accepting what is, moves you forward to the next step.

STEP 2 –> Forgiveness & Reconciliation: When you choose to forgive and reconcile what you’ve perceived to be wrong, we remove the illusion of separation and come into the heart of compassion. Forgiveness is a journey from the wound to the words thank you. To truly forgive is to set ourselves free from that which we’ve been resenting or holding onto. When we project our blame, guilt or anger onto something or someone, the thing we hurt most is our Self.

Step 3 –> Gratitude: Gratitude for the challenge is the result of having truly forgiven. Sometimes it can be a journey to get here. Ultimately it starts with a choice and the choice is to find the blessings and gift in this current challenge, person or situation.

Step 4 –> Love: Love is the result of having moved through this process fully and completely. When you can look at your challenge and feel unconditional love for it, you know you have completely healed and let go. The meditation journey below will be a catalyst to help you get to that space of feeling complete love and resolution for any challenge you are experiencing right now…whether personal or global!


Ho’opono’pono Meditation guided by Brad Morris

This profound inner journey filled with song, chanting, deep connection through breath, and pure silence is perfect for you if you’re experiencing a mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual block in your Life. The guided meditation is accompanied by the moving “Ho’opono’pono Song” in the video above. Be sure to give yourself the space & full hour to complete this meditation…repeat as often as you need. Please share your stories into awareness and healing below…


Cowabunga Namaste,
Brad Morris



World adventurer, social entrepreneur, meditation teacher and lover of Life. Brad Morris is the founder of Cowabunga Life and creator of ‘The 40 Day Vision Quest Program’. Brad lives & breathes his bucket list and supports others to live their dreams too. His day job at Cowabunga Life includes leading people on epic Spiritual adventures around the world to places like Peru, Hawaii, Mexico & more … In his spare time he has taught thousands of people to create a meditation practice they love through workshops, speaking and online programs. The Dude has a global following for his popular articles & videos published weekly on Cowabunga Life, Yoganonymous, FinerMinds & other renowned personal growth websites. More on BradiDude at

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