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Hot Nude Yoga – OMG!

If you were shocked by Naked Yoga NYC, then this is really gonna knock your socks off!

This is really for real – from

Some people work out to look good naked, others skip a step

Inside a heavily curtained fourth-floor dance studio is a male-only class specializing in “Hot Nude Yoga,” a form of sensualized tantric yoga practiced nude.

A few classes are coed, but male-only gatherings tend to be more popular and have become a mini-phenomenon in the gay community, with studios in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. A studioless group in Chicago practices in the apartment of a nude yoga enthusiast.

Fans say the nudity aids in deepening their yoga practice while building a close — and emphatically nonsexual — community. “A lot of people, especially living in New York, don’t get the opportunity to connect with people in an intimate way,” said Aaron Star, who started the naked yoga movement.

And while participants do occasionally report a frisson of excitement, Star and the practice’s aficionados make one thing clear: This is about physical fitness.

“This is about yoga and appreciating your body,” said John Cottrell, 40, who teaches naked yoga classes in Salt Lake City twice a month. He calls them a safe, nonthreatening space “to help men especially look at themselves in a different way.

“It’s just fun. It’s a great workout,” he says.

Star began the practice to appeal to a primarily gay male audience and achieved fame in the yoga world with his DVD series “Hot Nude Yoga,” which allows aspiring yogis to practice in the privacy of their homes.

Hot, yes — in temperature, for starters.

Awkward? That, too.

At Nude Yoga NYC in Manhattan, nude yoga isn’t such a boys club. Instructor Isis Phoenix, 29, said her coed nude yoga studio attracts “a well-rounded population of ages, genders and sexual orientations.” The men usually outnumber women two-to-one, however.

Even teachers of naked yoga, while railing against the suggestion that the class is tantamount for foreplay, can send mixed signals. When my class ended, I took aside the instructor, Jeffrey Duval, and asked how he got into naked yoga. Duval acknowledged he attended his first class because he thought it was about sex.

Click here to read the full article – in case you hadn’t heard enough ;)



Michaela lives and teaches yoga in Los Angeles, CA, and works as a part of YOGANONYMOUS. She is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Growing up a gymnast, Michaela was first introduced to the practice of Yoga during high school and college. In addition to her dedicated practice, Michaela loves music, travel, fashion, great food, great wine, and great friends - she strongly believes that laughter is the key to life!

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