Post-Halloween Recovery: How to Back Away From the Sugar

Stash the witch hat and put away the cat ears.

Halloween is over and it’s time to shift gears to clear away the residue from all those sweet treats and too many witches’ brews.

The fall, and all of the holidays that go with it, can be a hard time to be on the battle ground of the war against sugar, but have no fear, I’ve got your back. Let’s reset with a reboot. Here’s how: 

  • Start early. Start your day off with quiet moments that are just yours. Regular readers know I am a big fan of meditation. The reason: it’s centering and calming, priming you to leap over any challenges ahead. Even a few minutes of meditation will set you up in the right direction. End with a quiet nod to your gratitude list—three to five things that made you smile the day before or will make you smile today.
  • Tackle the bloat. Body-hugging jeans hugging way too much? Sugar in all its forms is the villain that causes mind-numbing, body-bloating misery. Make the first drink of the day a bloat buster: switch your usual morning java for a lemon/hot water combo made with the juice of half a fresh lemon. Besides the soothing warmth this brew offers, lemon is loaded with pectin fiber that helps keep your colon healthy and your body flushing out toxins. Plus lemon juice supplies you with immunity-building vitamin C!
  • Think green. A quick and easy green smoothie breakfast will give your body a healthy pH balance boost. Whatever your preferences, just be sure to add dark leafy spinach, kale, or collards to the mix. The alkaline they provide will do wonders to correct indulgence damage.
  • Keep drinking. Water—and lots of it—is important every day, but it’s especially helpful after sugar bouts. Set a goal of drinking a liter of water before lunch … that’ll make the prospect of sipping the rest of the day less overwhelming. Zip plain water up if you’d like by adding a slice of lemon or lime, some fruit or even a cucumber slice. 
  • Refresh the pantry…and the fridge. Get rid of those tempting cookies, processed crackers and leftover candies. Toss them out and replace with good-for-you produce. Greens of all kinds, for sure, and especially add in foods that have high water content to help you hydrate and also beat bloat: parsley, cucumber, celery, grapefruit, asparagus, and dandelion greens are some options. Also, take full advantage of fall’s special bounty for interesting tasty dishes. Here are some ideas: squash soup, use seasonal local produce for your salads, have a sweet potato, and mash cauliflower instead of potatoes.
  • Add in digestion aids. A healthy digestion is key to overall detoxification. If you feel a little “stuck” add in a probiotic, some digestive enzymes, or some fermented foods. All of these will help give your digestive system a little kick in the right direction.
  • Beat back the 4 p.m. sugar crash. When blood sugar sinks in late afternoon it pushes the temptation for a sweet treat to its max. Don’t run to Starbucks for a Frappuccino, come prepared instead. Beat back temptation with healthy treats that stabilize blood sugar. Almonds and other raw nuts, fruit including apples and tangerines, plus easy-to-pack veggies. None of these cause blood sugar to peak, and that means the end of energy valley slumps. 
  • Get everything moving and grooving. Exercise gets your circulation pumping and helps sweat out toxins. Choose whatever exercise you like, maybe yoga, rebounding, Pilates, or dance cardio. Just be sure you get in some that brings on a sweaty glow. Power walking is easy and convenient, especially if you do it with an exercise buddy who helps you keep turning your good intentions into a reality!

The great bonus of doing battle with sugar is that in a few days’ time, sugar temptation starts to drop off. Before long you’ll find that it’s easy to spurn sweet treats in favor of eating healthy because that’s what calls to you!

Amy kurtz

Amy Kurtz is YOGANONYMOUS' resident health and wellness expert. Having had experienced a variety of chronic health issues from a young age, Amy realized that the only way she was going to recover was to become an active participant in her own well-being. Amy deeply believes in the power of self-care and it is her mission to teach people how to truly take care of themselves. A Health + Wellne...READ MORE