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How to Get Fit Like a Cover Girl

Sarah Tomson Beyer, creator of Flowmotion and the apparel line meSheeky, is on the cover of Yoga Journal’s June issue.

We were lucky enough to score some inside information from the yoga goddess herself, and with summer here and staying what better time than now to tone our bodies? And to be beach ready, what better places to tone than our abs, shoulders and legs? These Flowmotion exercise tips (hey, there’s an app for that) are super universal and can be done right at home—getting in shape has never sounded so good.

From Sarah herself:

As a teacher of Flowmotion, my own signature style of challenging flow yoga and with a Master’s in Physical Therapy; I know the importance of a solid foundation. Enjoy these three specific exercises to build strength in key areas that will serve and support you in a dynamic flow practice. Modify as you need and move in a way that feels authentic to you.


A good ol’ ab work is beneficial for us all!  Try this exercise to target your lower abdominals.
•    Lie on your back and bring your legs up towards the sky
•    Take your legs wide, out to either side and keep them straight
•    Flex your feet and try to rotate your toes towards the floor (if your hips are very tight,  you may bend your knees)
•    Engage your belly, press your lower back into your mat and lift your shoulder blades off the floor
•    Reach your arms through your legs and clasp your fingers like Charlie’s Angels
•    Pulse your spine up off the floor as you reach your arms forward
•    To make it more difficult, curl your tailbone while you lift so that your ribs reach towards your pelvis
•    Lift and lower 25x
•    Exhale as you lift


Tap into your Deltoids with down dog push-ups.
•    From downward dog, turn your hands in about 45 degrees
•    Bend your elbows out to the sides as you lower the crown of your head towards your thumbs
•    Keep your gaze at your feet
•    Try to keep your heels reaching towards the ground
•    As your arms bend, lower your body at a 45 degree angle, as though you were sliding down a slide
•    Be mindful to not collapse in your mid-back
•    Quality not quantity – with proper form, try between five and twenty five push-ups
•    Inhale as you lower / Exhale as you lift


Strengthen your powerhouse by firing up your quads and hamstrings!
•    Come into a low lunge with your right foot forward
•    Take your back knee down, keep your toes curled under and reach your arms straight up
•    Look forward with a straight, strong spine
•    Lift your back knee to straighten your leg as you swing your arms down on either side of your body and lower your spine to a diagonal
•    Take your gaze down in front of you
•    Repeat: lower the back knee and take the arms up on the Inhale
•    Exhale through your mouth, lift the back knee, swing the arms down and look down
•    By pressing through your right heel, engage your hamstrings
•    Fire up your back leg to engage the quadriceps
•    Keep your core engaged to protect the spine
•    Take 15 on each leg

Come experience a full Flowmotion class with me at Wanderlust—Colorado this Summer and for some fresh threads, be sure to check out or swing by our booth! Wherever your summer adventures may take you—find time to be strong and have fun along the way!

About the Author:

Sarah is the creator of Flowmotion® and the founder of the fresh apparel line, meSheeky®. As an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Sarah offers a progressive approach to flow yoga. Her practice serves the modern-day yogi and encourages creative expression for coloring outside the lines.  With a background in dance and athletics, a Master’s in Physical Therapy, and three Yoga Journal covers under her belt, Sarah creates an open space that allows her students to express their own flow. She enjoys fresh mountain air at her home in Park City, Utah. /

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