How to Recreate That Honeymoon Feeling

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Perhaps you and your significant other have been dating for a long time. You might even be married. (Congrats!) Regardless, you've passed the various requisite stages of growing comfortable together. You've seen each other through the highs and lows and you've made it past them. The butterflies, nervousness, and hours spent grooming or trying to find the right outfit, are now behind you. And while the ease of being that close can be comforting, you may want some of that early magic back. Here's how to do it. 

1. Take a trip down nostalgia lane.  

Plan a date, or series of dates, for your partner that is reminiscent of the times when you fell in love. This will trigger the feelings you both had at that point and help you see your partner how you did all that time ago. Sometimes, we forget to see, really see our partner. Dress up, look into their eyes, hold their hand, and kiss them like it's the first time. 

2.  Write some love notes.

Go get some fancy stationary and bring your inner Shakespeare to the party. Sometimes writing helps us communicate more efficiently. Also, writing can help us bring emotions to the surface. Concentrate on all of the things you love about your partner.  Tell them stories of how you felt when you first met, how that first kiss melted your heart. Writing will put you into the mindset of love (if you write about it), and when your SO reads your letter, he/she will feel that love. If you feel writing letters is not your style, try writing short notes on post-its and post them so your love can see them. Those little surprises can make someone's entire day.

3. Play a game. 

It's simple: have your partner write down three things they miss from the early part of your relationship that's faded and you do the same. Exchange the lists and commit to doing these things for each other for at least the next three months.  Sometimes when we get into relationships, we simply forgot to do things that make our partners feel special and loved. This exercise serves as a simple reminder of what those things are and they need some throwback action.  

The more you practice love, the more you'll see flowing back your way. Find little ways to recreate the magic, and report back on your experience!

How do you show love to your significant other?