Hundreds Gather for Peaceful Yoga Pants Parade This Weekend

When someone calls "mature, adult women" wearing yoga pants in public "disturbing," you know there's going to be trouble. 

So after a Rhode Island man wrote a letter to the editor of his local newspaper saying that women over 20 shouldn't wear yoga pants in public, more than 300 people—clad in yoga pants—staged a peaceful parade past his house on Sunday.

The crowd held up signs with phrases like "We Wear What We Want" and "Peaceful Pants Party," showing that women and girls of any age, shape, or size shouldn't have their clothing choices policed by anyone.  

The man who wrote the letter, Alan Sorrentino, age 63, of Barrington, Rhode Island, said that the letter was meant to be satire, but that didn't stop the swift and harsh criticism he faced after the letter was published last week. Sorrentino called yoga pants in public "the absolute worst thing to ever happen in women fashion" since the mini-skirt. Read the whole letter here, and check out photos from the parade here

Photo: Ali Kaukas

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