I Went to Past Life Regression Therapy. Here's What I Learned

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I've always been interested in past lives. How fascinating would it be to know who you've been before and how that has affected who you are today? After reading Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss I knew I wanted to give past life regression a try. I found a psychologist in my area that has trained with Dr. Weiss and booked my two-hour appointment. 

The session started off with her asking me about my life, what my expectations were, and what I hoped to learn. She told me what to expect during the session and what she's experienced with other patients. She had me lie on the couch and get comfortable and then she led me into a hypnotic state. When she woke me up about an hour and half later it felt like hardly any time had passed. I could remember what she'd asked me and what I'd said, but it felt like I was remembering a dream. 

During the regression I had some flashes of what may have been past lives, or could’ve just been imaginings that I made up. To be honest, I was disappointed that it wasn't more like I'd read about where patients remember whole past lives and they can describe in detail what happened to them, what they looked like, and where they lived.

But, I did learn some valuable things that totally changed the way I look at life.

The meaning of life, the whole reason we came here, is to learn and grow. 

In past life regression they talk about a resting place between lives. At one point the therapist took me there and directed me to ask my guide or guardian angel what I could learn in this place.

I discovered that we need to learn specific lessons in order to further develop our souls and that we’ll keep coming back here and facing the same situations in different forms until we learn. It is exactly as Pema Chodron said, "Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” This is true across past and present lifetimes.

We each have our own specific lessons to be learned in this lifetime. 

Intentions are the lessons we came to this life to learn and living an intentional, purposeful life is everything. Through regression I discovered the specific lessons I came to this life to learn. These were the same things I struggled with in past lives.

I realized I need to work on letting other people in—to drop the walls of fear and protection I’ve built around me. I also need to learn to let go of needing to feel in control and be able to trust the Universe's plan for me. These are my two life intentions and I now know to pay special attention when they show up in my current life.

To find the lessons you were sent here to learn, you don't necessarily need to go to a past life regression session. You can look back on your current life and notice patterns—what situations come up again, and again? They may come up in different forms but you can notice underlying lessons you need to learn from these experiences.

After my regression I understand how important it is to use this life for growth and to be mindful of my intentions every day. I know that every difficulty I face is a chance to prove to the Universe that I can react in a different way. I was so affected by this experience that I now work on helping other people find their life intentions and live intentional lives so their souls can grow so they can learn what they need to in this life.

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