Infographic: America's Dirty Tire Problem

Over 300 million tires are discarded in the US each year, and the vast majority are burnt for crude energy or end up in landfills.

But there's another way! Rubber is exceptionally durable and can be recycled. One company, Kharma Khare, has developed a patent-pending process for transforming rubber car tires to a safe and exceptionally high-performance material for yoga practice. Kharma Khare says their yoga mats are the best for your practice and our planet, providing exceptional non-slip grip and support. Yogi experts agree: You won't need a towel with a Kharma Khare yoga mat, even in the most hot and sweaty practices. These mats have traction that improves with heat and provide the perfect balance of support and stability. Check out the infographic below to learn more. Also, you can enter promo code YOGAANON at checkout at Kharma Khare and receive 15% off your order!

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