Inspiring Video of the Day | News Anchor Calls Out Bully on Live TV

"I am more than just the numbers on a scale..."

"The internet has become a weapon, our schools have become a battleground.."

We were blown away by this video. A viewer of the below newswoman, Jennifer Livingston's morning show sent her a pretty hateful email—saying she was surely not a good role model, especially for young girls, simply because of her weight, amongst other hurtful things. Her response was nothing short of inspirational. It left us in tears and in awe: why are we still treating each other in such painful ways?

October is National Anti-Bullying month, a time to take action. It is a call out to parents—we need to pay attention to the things we say, bullying is a learned behavior. It is a call out to students, who need to pay attention to how they are treating their peers: Adolescence is a hard enough time without the added stress of another ripping your person apart. It is a time to remember those students who have been hurt so bad they could go on no longer; parents have lost children, students have lost friends, kids have lost their lives.

Most importantly it is a time yogis, to pay close attention to ahimsa—non harm. We need to make sure we are projecting our sacred values, leading by example, our actions speaking louder than our words—at all times, whether you have children or not, during October and all of the months before and after.

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