Into the Stars — Your Weekly Horoscope (December 12–18, 2016)

This week brings a full moon in Gemini on Tuesday afternoon.

Full moons bring a culmination of a lunar cycle, the end of an era, and bring to fruition the intentions set at the new moon. This Gemini moon should bring a heightened mental energy and a social scene, perfect for spending with good friends or even for meeting a new someone special. A theme of endings or completion, or maybe just the feeling of fullness, will accompany this moon.

This will be our last week before the last Mercury retrograde cycle of the year. The planet of communication and locomotion will turn retrograde, or backward, in Capricorn next Monday and we will enter a new realm of misunderstanding and missed connections. Anything important you need to say or do, or any technology that you need to purchase, should be taken care of this week. Really.

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Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Utthita parsvakonasana

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Frankincense incense or essential oil

Fire signs (Aries,Leo, Sagittarius)- Peace & Calming essential oil

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Lazurite

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Aries & Aries Rising: This Tuesday’s full moon in Gemini lands in your third house of communication. The main themes for you will be around connecting with your family ties, your relationships with siblings, travel plans, or sharing ideas in a big way. Maybe you’re presenting a project or performing or leading some sort of event and this will be the culmination of your hard work.

We are currently in the so called “shadow” period of Mercury’s retrograde cycle; next Monday the planet of communication turns retrograde in Capricorn, affecting life at work and any travel plans or communication. If there is anything important you need to take care of, do it this week and avoid next week’s mental confusion and verbal mishaps.

Taurus & Taurus Rising: We have a full moon in Gemini this week, Tuesday afternoon. This moon illuminates your financial house. Most full moons bring an ending or completion of a cycle, so for you this moon could reveal a new promotion or raise at work or maybe the hard work you’ve put into a special project or presentation is now being debuted. Full moons also obviously remind us of fullness and wholeness, our inherent perfection; in this part of your chart the moon will remind you of your own self-worth and wholeness. You may decide to make a major lifestyle change now too. Welcome the shifts.

This week we are in Mercury’s shadow period, awaiting the mental planet’s turn retrograde next Monday. You can expect some challenges in communications and should definitely double check all holiday travel plans and expect delays. Try to have any important conversations you need to have this week, before Mercury changes course.

Gemini & Gemini Rising: This week’s full moon is in your sign and lights up your intimate first house. This is your time to shine, to set out for a new adventure or to start a new endeavor. Focus on goal setting, tuning into your desire, and lining up your life with your vision for your life. This is a potent time to reflect on what you want to unfold, what do you truly long for, what are you ready to create or offer, and how do you want to channel your energy and attention in the months to come? Consider carefully and make a plan of action, keeping in mind that some things in life are going to be coming to a close.

For the entirety of the week we are in Mercury’s shadow period. Next Monday your ruling planet, the planet of communication and mental energy, will turn retrograde in Capricorn, your house of intensity and connection. You may run into misunderstandings with your lover or a close business partner during this cycle so if there are any major discussions that need to happen, handle it all this week.

Cancer & Cancer Rising: We have a Gemini full moon on Tuesday this week, illuminating your house of endings and rest. Full moons always bring the energy of endings since they represent the culmination of a cycle, the completion of something. You may find yourself ruminating on all that has transpired this year, the loss, defeat, and grief, and can allow for some healing and some closure. Try to rest and heal as much as possible, letting go of what isn’t necessary to carry any longer. Then you can move forward with much more clarity and ease.

This week could be your best bet to reach out to someone or make your viewpoint clear because next week things could get tricky. The planet of communication turns retrograde next Monday for a few weeks, just in time for the holidays. The typical Mercury retrograde mishaps will happen but for you it will affect your interpersonal relationships. Make any major relationship decisions you need to make this week before next week’s shift.

Leo & Leo Rising: This Tuesday we will have a full moon in airy Gemini illuminating your house of friendships. Full moons always bring to the forefront a sense of completion or an ending. The intentions you set six months ago at the Gemini new moon are now coming to fruition. This will be a good full moon for collaborations, working together with your crew on a humanitarian issue or starting a creative project with friends.

We are in Mercury’s shadow this week, turning retrograde next Monday. The communication planet will turn retrograde in Capricorn, your house of health. This week would be a good time to get your affairs in order; tie up loose ends with communications and try to get organized and streamlined. It will make a big difference next week when mishaps begin to unfold. Don’t worry about starting a new diet or fitness routine just yet- there will be plenty of time for that and it will actually be more effective when Mercury is direct next month.

Virgo & Virgo Rising: A full moon in Gemini is coming up this week on Tuesday. Full moons always bring a sense of endings or completion since they are the culmination of a lunar cycle. This moon for you lands in your career house, illuminating your ambition, achievements and material success. All of your goals are achievable and you can succeed but there could be some upheaval or an ending before the positivity ensues. This is also the house of men, so there could be some changes in a relationship with a man in your life now; be open to advice or assistance coming from a male mentor or father figure.

This week we are in Mercury’s shadow period, the week before the communication planet turns retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury is your ruling planet and will be backtracking through your fifth house of art and sex. There could be some misunderstandings between you and your lover or mishaps with your creative projects or expression. Use this week to make plans and arrangements and have any important conversations that you need to have.

Libra & Libra Rising: We have a full moon in Gemini this week on Tuesday, bringing a sense of completion or fruition to the intentions set at the new moon. Your ninth house of travel and mental pursuits will be activated. You may feel a sense of inspiration and make plans to take a journey or have an adventure now. It’s possible that a course of study is now complete or you’re graduating from a program perhaps. All full moons bring the feeling of fullness and wholeness and especially with this moon in your freedom and expansion house, you should consider your own personal expression of freedom and fullness.

This week we are in Mercury’s shadow period, the week before the planet of communication turns retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury will turn retrograde next Monday and create turbulence in your house of home and family. The holidays spent with family will prove to be more problematic and dramatic than usual, so spend time this week having any important conversations that need to be had.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising: This week we have a full moon in Gemini, your house of intimacy. The illumination on this part of your chart should help you in making a big decision about commitment, either with a business partner or a lover. Full moons often bring big changes, endings or just the completion of a particular cycle. If you have been pondering what to do about a partnership or with your intimate, this moon will likely shine some light on the real situation and give you clarity. It is possible that you will inherit some money now or receive a financial gift.

We are in Mercury’s shadow period this week, as the planet of communication turns retrograde next Monday in Capricorn. Mercury will be retrograde in your house of communication for a few weeks causing mishaps with travel plans, communication, technology, automobiles, and even cognition. Take time this week to reach out to people and have discussions that you need to have, make any technological purchases that must be made, and make sure finalize all holiday travel plans and details before next Monday.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising: There is a full moon in Gemini coming this week. On Tuesday the full moon shines on your house of relationships. Gemini is your polar opposite sign and this full moon in this sign should provide an opportunity for you to see a different perspective and gain new insight. Your romantic or business relationships could be affected and you may make a decision about commitment, either to jump in or to walk away. Since the full moon will be in talkative Gemini, this is a good time to discuss, plan and agree on a mutually beneficial next step.

The other major news is that this week is a Mercury shadow week, meaning that next Monday the planet of communication turns retrograde, turning our normal way of connecting and thinking upside down, so this week we should take care of as much as we are able to in preparation for this sleep cycle or down time of the planet that rules mental activity and conversation. Mercury will be retrograde in your financial sector, so pay extra attention to any mishaps with money, guard against identity theft, and don’t overspend for the holidays.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising: We have a Gemini full moon this Tuesday, shining on your health-focused sixth house. Full moons wrap up a particular lunar cycle that began on the new moon of the same sign. The intentions that you set six months ago having to do with health and wellness are now showing signs of a pay off. This moon would be the perfect time to declutter and reorganize. This part of your chart is also about service and giving back, so maybe you’ll feel the holiday spirit and donate some of your time or money to an important cause.

This week we are in what’s known as the shadow cycle of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle. Next Monday the planet of the mind turns retrograde in your sign. Take time this week to tie up all loose ends and make preparations for technology fails, dramatic misunderstandings and a lot of headaches if you plan to travel for the holidays.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising: The luminous Gemini full moon rises on Tuesday and puts an emphasis on your passionate fifth house. This is good news, Aquarius. Your love life is on fire, in a sexy way, and it’s only going to heat up. This will be a social full moon celebration for you, and creative expression, romance and sex are the themes. Full moons can also bring a goodbye or closure, but it is always for the best, as in releasing something or someone that wasn’t uplifting to you in the first place to make room for your heart’s desires.

The mental muse Mercury turns retrograde next Monday, making this week a shadow period week; you will sense communication start to get sticky and travel plans start to unravel and a general mental confusion descend upon the people… just like every Mercury retrograde cycle. Since this fourth and final retrograde of 2016 falls ironically right in the height of the holidays, I recommend avoiding travel for Christmas or New Year’s if you can help it. Not only the travel itself but also the family dynamic (and ensuing miscommunications) will be affected strongly. Mercury in Capricorn is in your house of karma, endings and closure, so if opening old wounds and having a misunderstanding while back home doesn’t sound like the perfect ending to this harsh year, take my advice and host your own cozy tribe gathering for a few of your besties and enjoy some much needed peace and relaxation.

Pisces & Pisces Rising: We have a big Gemini full moon rising this Tuesday, putting attention on your domestic fourth house. Full moons can bring changes or news, and are the end of a particular lunar cycle. The themes for you for this full moon will be family, home, fertility, and even important women in your life. You may be moving or decide to relocate or maybe renovate, or you could get pregnancy news or maybe there’s a marriage announcement coming soon…

This week we are under the influence of Mercury’s shadow period, the couple of weeks before and after the communication planet turns retrograde. Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde next Monday in your house of friendship and collaboration. You may want to keep a low profile in your social scene just around the holidays, until Mercury turns direct in January; there could be some misunderstandings and arguments amongst your friends. Also keep in mind that we are entering this retrograde cycle if and old flame contacts you suddenly - Mercury rules the past and retrogrades can bring back the past. Don’t take it as a sign or think you should get back together, it is likely just an opportunity for clearing and closure.

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