Into the Stars — Your Weekly Horoscope (July 4–10, 2016)

This week begins with Independence Day, which is America’s birthday — the USA has a Cancer sun.

Monday also brings a new moon in Cancer in the early morning hours (4:01 a.m. PDT). This is a special moon for those with a Cancer sun sign because having the sun and the new moon in one’s sign only happens once a year. This is the time to set intentions for the new lunar cycle after considering what it is you want to expand and explore. The moon will move through Leo, Virgo and Libra over the rest of the week.

One of the aspects in the heavens this week include Venus in Cancer forming a trine with Mars in Scorpio, bringing a harmonious interaction between the pleasure planet and the planet of action and energy. Our love natures will feel passionate and driven, and it could also be a good time to make money.

This is the last week of Venus and Mercury in super sensitive and nurturing Cancer. Relationships and connections, communication and thoughts will continue to be emotional this week, and we’ll relate emotionally and from our hearts more than intellectually.

With the sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, we have an abundance of water to navigate right now. That means we’re all a little more sensitive, psychic, intuitive and emotional. Turn to your creativity this week and invest in some self-care.

Enjoy your week.

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Discover Your Weekly Horoscope

Aries & Aries Rising: This week we have a new moon joining the sun in Cancer, your house of home. Your attention has been on home and family since the sun entered this water sign. Now with the new moon here you can set intentions for what you want to create in this next cycle around the themes of domestic affairs, home, foundations, and family. Women and children are an important part of this cycle for you, and motherhood could be a theme that is prominent for you right now.

Mars, your ruling planet, turned direct recently and while the planet of action occupies your house of intimacy and sex, you could be working with your sex drive, impatience or anger. Your vitality is returning slowly after a long retrograde period, but things may not seem back to normal. After this week you’ll feel an improvement.

*Your asana recommendation: Hanumanasana

Taurus & Taurus Rising: The sun is in Cancer currently, occupying your house of communication and directing your attention to self-expression and travel. Technology, community, your family ties, ideas, and communication are themes for you in this solar cycle. This week we have a new moon joining the sun in Cancer. Set intentions for this new lunar cycle and what you want to create in your immediate environment — in your day to day life, with your family members, and any travel adventures you want to have related to work or education.

Mercury and Venus are also in this sign and occupy this area of your chart. Your thoughts and conversations and your love nature will revolve around how to express yourself clearly to those that matter to you. It’s a great time to connect with people and get your brightest ideas out and share how you feel with those you love.

*Your asana recommendation: Janu Sirsasana

Gemini & Gemini Rising: The sun is still in Cancer, highlighting your area of money and possessions. Your attention will continue to be focused on themes of stability and security, career, and income. On Monday we have a new moon in Cancer, initiating a new lunar cycle that will build over the next six months. Set intentions for your life around your career, financial security, moving forward with some new ideas that will be sources of income for you, and even your own self-worth.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, and Venus, the planet of love and beauty also occupy this part of your chart currently, bringing extra energy to these themes in your life. You could get a promotion, change positions or maybe be inspired to do something completely different from what you’ve been doing work-wise.

*Your gemstone recommendation: Jasper

Cancer & Cancer Rising: The sun is still in your sign this week and since it’s your solar return month, it’s your time to shine. On Monday we have a new moon in Cancer, and with both the sun and new moon in your sign, it’s like your own personal new year. Take time to consider your new and evolved auspicious desires for your life now and set intentions for this new cycle. These intentions will grow and manifest over the next six months.

Mercury, the mental planet, and Venus, the love planet are both in this part of your chart and for now, your personal needs and wishes must come first. You want to nurture and love people, but you should make self-love your primary focus.

Neptune and Chiron are both still retrograde in sister water sign Pisces, your area of a higher mind. You’re more comfortable than most with all of this water. This is an important time for you to dive into deep studies of spirituality or philosophy and tune into your psychic sense.

*Your essential oil recommendation: Rose

Leo & Leo Rising: Your ruling planet, the sun, is still in Cancer this week which amplifies the energies around your twelfth house. These themes involve closure and healing. This is the time of year for Leos to rest, work through self-undoing behavior, and ultimately close the door on some destructive patterns; the work you do and rest you get can be healing now in preparation for your solar cycle that is coming up next.

On Monday we have a new moon in this same part of your chart, initiating a new lunar cycle that will last for six months. Set intentions that are relevant to you around things like releasing disappointments and resentments or letting go of self-defeat in order to move forward confidently.

Venus and Mercury are both still in this part of your chart and you will continue to feel Cancer’s influence on your love life and thought patterns. Healing in your relationships can occur, including past heartache, and you may feel more drawn to talk about subjects like karma, the subconscious or the meaning of life right now.

*Your gemstone recommendation: Rose Quartz

Virgo & Virgo Rising: The sun is still in watery Cancer, your house of friends and teamwork, so you’ve been working with themes of alliances, friendship, long-term goals and idealism.

Monday brings a new moon in this sign to highlight these areas even more. Set intentions for this new cycle that deal with relationships with people you enjoy, the kinds of people you want to draw into your life, your intellectual pleasures, and your vision for your life. These seeds will grow for the next six months.

Venus and Mercury are both still hanging out in Cancer and this part of your chart. This affects your love nature, money mind, and your communication. Follow your instincts to connect with or reach out to certain people. There are some people that it could be time to close a chapter on and others that you haven’t met yet that will become strong alliances, and there’s a lot of energy around other people right now. Also, make sure that you are being a good friend or team player as well, Virgo.

*Your gemstone recommendation: Celestite

Libra & Libra Rising: The sun is currently residing in Cancer which is your house of career. Your energy is pretty focused for now on ambition and achievement, material success, and your public reputation. Monday’s new moon is also in Cancer, so the intentions that you set should reflect your career aspirations and how you want to achieve success. The seeds planted now will grow for the next six months.

The love and money planet Venus and the communication planet Mercury are both still in Cancer. This means that there will be plenty of opportunities now for increasing your income, finding love at work, or having important conversations that will further your career. Reach out to father figures or male mentors now, which are part of your tenth house.

*Your gemstone recommendation: Malachite

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising: The Cancer sun is still illuminating your house of freedom and higher mind. Current themes include study, travel, risk taking, truth-telling, and general discovery. This could be an adventurous time for you, Scorpio. The new moon on Monday is also in Cancer, so set intentions for this next lunar cycle about new deep studies you want to dive into, new places you want to travel to, and new ways of thinking that remind you that your essential nature is freedom.

Venus and Mercury are both still in this same part of your chart. Love could bloom while on a trip or in a class that you’re taking, or maybe you will start studying a new language. There could be some opportunities around higher education or travel that arises now.

*Your asana recommendation: Upavistha Konasana

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising: The sun remains in Cancer this week, occupying your house of intimacy and intensity. Your attention has been centered on themes of sex, death, and rebirth, or shared assets for this cycle.

On Monday we have a new moon in this same area of your chart, initiating a new cycle. Set intentions for the next lunar cycle that reflect your desires around sex and intimacy, spiritual transformation, and joint resources. This new moon could be a new start for you in these areas.

Venus and Mercury are both in this same part of your chart, affecting your love nature and mental energy. It is possible that a sexual or intimate relationship could deepen now, or you could join financial forces with another, creating a business venture, or you could receive an inheritance. Your thoughts are likely of a more mystical nature right now, thinking about spirituality, evolution, death and rebirth.

*Your gemstone recommendation: Jasper

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising: The sun is still in Cancer this week, your house of partnership. Your focus for this solar cycle has been on relationships and harmony and that continues this week.

Monday brings a new moon in Cancer and the same part of your chart; set intentions for your relationships now, how you want to bring harmony and connection to your partnerships and deepen intimacy. This can be a sweet and positive new start.

Venus, the planet of love, and Mercury, the planet of communication, are both still in Cancer this week and bringing more emphasis to your seventh house. Love could grow or deepen or a new romance could bloom. Your thoughts and conversations will also reflect this emphasis on love and connection. Lean into your own intuition when it comes to love this week.

*Your asana recommendation: Trikonasana

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising: The Cancer sun in your sixth house of health this month is ensuring that you focus on your own well-being. This is a time for you to implement a health care routine and modify your eating and exercise habits. Eliminate or reduce those habits that cause you mental and emotional stress as this will inevitably lead to physical illness.

Monday we have a new moon in Cancer and this same part of your chart is enhanced. Set intentions for a new beginning in health. Your relationships with the people you work with also come into play now.

Venus and Mercury, which represent love and communication, are both still in this part of your chart. It’s possible for you to meet someone in your new fitness routine, either at a class or getting a juice. This could be a great time to get your life organized, both at home and at work. Clarity, purging, and organization are important factors in this cycle for you.

*Your gemstone inspiration: Jet

Pisces & Pisces Rising: This week we still have a Cancer sun, bringing an emphasis to your creative and sexual expression. During this solar cycle, your creative and artistic urges are being expressed and your passions high. Fertility or children could be a subject that you focus on now. Your affections are strong and you may have good luck.

Monday we have a new moon in Cancer and this same part of your chart. Set intentions for this new lunar cycle, thinking about what you want to create with your passions and creative urges and what your love and romance desires are.

Venus and Mercury are both still in this area of your chart. This affects your love nature and your thoughts, bringing opportunities for romance, love and creative self-expression. You could begin a new love affair now or an artistic expression.

*Your asana recommendation: Trikonasana

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