Into the Stars - Your Weekly Horoscope (Nov. 30 - Dec. 6, 2015)

The first week of the Sagittarius solar cycle is complete and we can feel the difference from the dark waters of Scorpio into the optimistic fire of Sagittarius.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, rules the sign of Sagittarius the Archer. Themes of this sign and this cycle include freedom, optimism, independence, philosophy, adventure, and expansion. The body parts that Sagittarius rules are the thighs and hips as well as the liver.

This week we have a waning half moon in Virgo on Wednesday, as the moon moves from Leo to Virgo to Libra. On Friday Venus, the planet of love, enters the sign of Scorpio, changing up our love natures and affecting how we relate in our relationships. One interesting aspect this weekend will be Mars, the planet of action and aggression in a square (challenging aspect) with Pluto, ruler of the underworld and transformation; watch out for jealousy, arguments, possessiveness or aggression to show up. Instead focus on transformative powers and directing your will to create the results you want.

Make time this week for sungazing, walking on the beach or through the forest, and for simply sitting in silence listening to nature’s song.

This time of year is when we are naturally more introverted but socialized to be more social; solitude and time in nature recharges a depleted or overamped nervous system.

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Discover Your Weekly Horoscope

Aries & Aries Rising: Venus, the planet of love and money changes signs this week, entering Scorpio on Friday, your house of sex, death, and rebirth. With Venus here your intensity and engagement around sexual involvements will increase and become more important to you. This is the place in your chart for seduction and sexual unions, emotional attachments and bonding. It’s also the house of wealth and shared resources, so you could inherit or receive money as a gift from a loved one. Your romantic and sexual self will become more dominant than usual during this transit.

Chiron’s change of direction on Friday (to direct) brings attention to the lessons you’ve learned from acknowledging and attending to the buried pain you’ve carried around. Chiron is like the medicine man of the zodiac, bringing healing to our wounds. This could all mean a much-needed transformation is on its way.

*Your (herbal) recommendation: Damiana.

Taurus & Taurus Rising: Your ruling planet Venus changes signs this week. On Friday, the planet of love and money enters Scorpio and your house of partnership. This is the part of your chart related to committed relationships, cooperation, and business adversaries. Harmony in all of your relationships will become your top priority, and you’ll be more affectionate and romantic than usual.

On Friday Chiron, the Wounded Healer turned direct after months of being retrograde (backward). When a planet is retrograde its energies are expressed differently. This affects the area of your chart concerned with social networking, hopes, and wishes, friends, and alliances. What lessons did you learn recently regarding these themes and where have you found healing? You may be letting go of some friendships or connections that are draining your energy rather than being a support. The right people will come into your life.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Baddha Konasana.

Gemini & Gemini Rising: Chiron seeks to restore balance to where we are broken. On Friday, the Wounded Healer turned direct after being retrograde (backward) for several months (a retrograde planet’s energies are expressed differently). For you this has affected your career and perhaps a relationship with a particular man or father figure. Take the insights you’ve gained from the work you’ve done in these areas and apply them now to experience a healing.

This Friday Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into Scorpio and your house of service, well-being, and clarity. You’ll attempt to create harmony in your work relationships, which could bring money your way. Watch out for overindulging in food or drink during this transit.

Last week’s full moon in your sign amplified your personal charm and expression and hopefully revealed something to you about your own personal power. Put it into play this week.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Citrine.

Cancer & Cancer Rising: This week Venus, the goddess of love, moves into the sign of Scorpio activating your house of creativity and sex. This is where passion, romance, seduction, fertility, pleasure, and self-expression live in your chart. You can attract lovers and romance easily now and your creativity will flourish. It is also possible that you could receive a gift or money from someone you love. 

Last week the Wounded and Healed Healer Chiron turned direct after being retrograde (backward) since June. Chiron wants to restore and heal where we are broken and hurt. You may have had some healing or insights around religion, philosophy, truth or travel in the past several months and now you are able to integrate and apply that wisdom. Make changes if necessary and don’t hold on to painful habits just because you are used to them.

*Your (essential oil) recommendation: Rose (Young Living/Do Terra).

Leo & Leo Rising: This first week of December brings a shift to Venus; the goddess of love moves into the sign of Scorpio and your house of home. Venus is the ruler of love and money, romance, and self-worth. With this shift, you could find yourself motivated to mend any tensions in existence at home, with your family, with the women or children in your life. You may begin or intensify a romance or decide to cohabitate with the one you love. You’ll beautify your home and adorn your space with more art and decor. This could be fun.

Last week’s Chiron station (turning from retrograde to direct) activated your house of intensity, transformation and intimacy. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer, the shaman of the zodiac, bringing healing and medicine to those parts inside us that are broken or separate. Whatever old pain you’ve been carrying from your past can become a source of expansion and teaching if you can work with it. Any insights that you’ve come to since June can now be integrated and applied.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Lunges.

Virgo & Virgo Rising: This week Venus, the planet of love and money, enters Scorpio and your house of communication. This is the place in your chart that houses ideas, teaching, technology, community. And with Venus here you will feel more artistic, implement your good taste, gain attention for your great ideas, charm others, and you could even travel with friends. Use your eloquence in writing and speaking to get what you want. Communicating your needs and desires to your partner or lover will be effective right now.

Last Friday’s Chiron shift created ripples that are still being felt. Chiron the Wounded Healer stationed and turned direct affecting all of your partnerships. Whatever has been broken or disintegrated can now begin to be assimilated and moved toward wholeness. You have the opportunity to create harmony in your relationships with those closest to you.

This Wednesday the moon will be waxing in your sign and you should feel emotionally attuned and intuitive.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Bloodstone.

Libra & Libra Rising: On Friday, the planet of love and money moves into the sign of Scorpio. Venus changes signs, calling attention to your money and possessions, your work and self-worth. Reach out to your social connections and use your creativity now to bring financial gain. You’re likely to spend money this week on luxury items or some personal adornment or something that brings you pleasure. You are generous and tend to bring in abundance and beautiful things.

Last Friday, Chiron the Wounded and Healed Healer turned direct after being retrograde since June. Chiron seeks to restore balance and wholeness where we’ve been broken apart. For you, Chiron’s work has been primarily in the area of health and how you serve others. You may have been dealing with a health issue or illness for the past several months and gained some important insights. Maybe an issue or wound from your past started to cause you pain again. Now is the time to implement any new changes and to commit to a focus on your own well-being. Pay attention to what your constitution needs, what nourishes your nervous system, and what makes you feel better and do that.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Jet.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising: This week Venus, the planet of love, romance and money, changes signs. She enters your sign on Friday, the area of your chart that is most personal and powerful. You’ll be extra flirty, affectionate and charming and it could be a good time for a romance or love affair. Make plans to be social and see what happens. Take care not to overspend on luxury items for yourself right now.

Chiron the Wounded Healer turned direct in Pisces on Friday, bringing attention to your house of creativity and sex. We’re still under Chiron’s influence, with old concealed wounds resurfaced and triggers activated; you may still be doing some work around any pain and disappointment you’re still carrying around the topics of sexuality and creativity. Reflect on any insights that have come to you since June and make adjustments. Let your pain become your teacher.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Upavistha Konasana.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising: It’s your season, Sagittarius, the time of year when the sun is in your sign illuminating your best qualities and most charming attributes. Venus enters Scorpio on Friday, your mystical house of secrets. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, and money. You could be a bit more emotional and giving now, and although you’re appreciative of your privacy you reach out to share the love. A love affair could begin now.

Last week Chiron changed direction, going from retrograde (backward) to direct. When a planet is retrograde its energies are expressed differently. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer, and as the shaman of the zodiac teaches us how to let our pain become our teacher and seeks to restore us where we are fragmented. You may have felt childhood wounds resurface for the past few months, or anything related to home, family, children and important women in your life. You may have a clearing, understanding or a healing around those issues.

*Your (flower essence) recommendation: Tansy (FES).

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising: This week Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, your house of friends and alliances. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, and money. You could feel more social and friendly with this aspect and you can benefit personally and financially from the social circles you’re involved in or the associations you have now. Reach out and make some time to socialize and spend time with people you like.

On Friday Chiron, Wounded and Healed Healer turned direct after being retrograde since June. When a planet is retrograde its energies are expressed differently. Your communication and family ties could have be sources for some work and healing, with old pain or triggers surfacing. Maybe you’ve been feeling and thinking about some pain from your childhood that you’ve been carrying that needs to be released. You may feel some resolution or integration now with Chiron’s shift. Make amends, say what you need to say and offer forgiveness if possible.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Onyx.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising: Venus, the planet of love and money enters the sign of Scorpio this week, activating your house of success and career. You can use your charm to get what you want and make strides in your profession and community. Your popularity is strong, with many people looking to you for guidance. Your material success could also increase now along with your ambition.

Last week Chiron, Wounded and Healed Healer turned direct after being retrograde (backward) since June. The shaman of the zodiac, Chiron seeks to restore balance where we’re fragmented, helping us to heal. There may have been some old wounds around money, security or self-worth that surfaced recently and that you’ve been addressing. Integrate the insights that have com to you to become unstuck and to heal some of that old pain. Chiron’s lesson is that our deepest wounding can eventually become our greatest teacher.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Morganite.

Pisces & Pisces Rising: On Friday Venus, the planet of relationships, pleasure, and money, enters fellow water sign Scorpio. This affects your house of mental exploration. Your warmth and diplomacy toward people with different backgrounds makes it easy for others to be with you and feel comfortable. You’ll be open to a new adventure or travel, a new course of study or connecting with others over philosophical ideas or spirituality.

Last week Chiron, the Wounded and Healed Healer, turned direct. Chiron has been retrograde (backward) since June in your sign. When a planet is retrograde its energies are expressed differently. You’ve been doing intuitive and spiritual work since then, clearing some of the old wounds from your past and maybe even feeling a sense of cosmic separation, but the insights you gained can now be integrated and implemented. Hurts can evolve to healing with consciousness and attention.

*Your (essential oil) recommendation: Grounding (Young Living).

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