Into the Stars - Your Weekly Horoscope (November 9-15, 2015)

The planet of love and money, Venus, is now in Libra and this week her counterpart Mars, the planet of will and action, joins her there.

Libra is all about relationships and seeks balance in all aspects of experience and expression.

We will have a new moon in the sign of Scorpio on Wednesday morning. New moons are considered to be opportunities to clarify and articulate new intentions. The sun and moon will both be in Scorpio creating a conjunction, or a harmonious alignment; Scorpio cycle invites depth in thoughts and interactions, unraveling mysteries and exploring the psyche.

We are immersed in the Dark Time of the year, a necessary space for us to rest, renew and recalibrate.

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Aries & Aries Rising: This week brings a new moon in Scorpio on Wednesday morning; this is in your mystical house of intimacy and intensity, assets and shared wealth. The sun is also in this area of your chart. Set a new intention to create stability and security in your finances as well as in your closest relationships. Wednesday can signify a new start.

Venus, planet of love and money recently entered Libra and on Thursday Mars joins her there. Mars represents will and action. All of this occurs in your house of partnership. Your business and romantic relationships should feel blessed and with Mars entering this house your sex life will also get a boost. It’s true that your sex life doesn’t require much boosting, Aries, but just enjoy the added energy. You can also expect your ambition and willpower to be even stronger than usual. There won’t be much that you can’t accomplish or create this week.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Adho Mukha Svanasana.

Taurus & Taurus Rising: This week we have a new moon in the sign of Scorpio, your house of partnership and commitment. New moons are opportunities for new beginnings and fresh starts. For this new moon, focus on cultivating harmony in all your relationships including business and romantic. The planet of communication is also in this section of your chart, bringing a depth and intimacy to your thoughts and communications.

The planet of action and will, Mars, enters Libra this week joining love planet Venus in your house of health. Venus in this area has you investigating your state of self-love as well as the relationships with the people you work with. With Mars here your interest in self-care and wellness will receive a plan of action as well as the impetus to get started. This is your chance to jumpstart your health and well being and get organized.

*Your (herbal) recommendation: Damiana.

Gemini & Gemini Rising: The new moon on Wednesday is in Scorpio, your house of service and health. With new moons come new beginnings and fresh starts; you can commit to a new health focus and fitness routine. Start juicing again. It is also a great time to get organized and clear in your mind and on your desk. De-clutter and reorganize.

Venus, the planet of love recently entered Libra, your house of creativity and sex, a wonderful place for her to be. On Thursday Mars, the planet of action and sex drive joins Venus there… things could definitely heat up in the romance and seduction department, Gemini. This is the area of your chart that rules passion, love, your heart, pleasure, creative expression, fertility, and self-expression. All of your indulgences that relate to sex or art will be successful and enjoyable at this time. Enjoy!

*Your (asana) recommendation: Bhujangasana.

Cancer & Cancer Rising: Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio lands in your house of passion and creativity. New moons invite us to set intentions to begin again, to make a new start. If you need a restart for your creativity, romance, or sex life, this is a good week for that! Express yourself. A new romance could begin or a new outlet for creative expression could manifest. Explore being flirtatious and playful without self-consciousness.

On Thursday, the planet of drive and action, Mars, enters Libra, your house of home. Venus, the planet of love and finances is already in this area for you and now Mars will join her. This is the area of your chart that deals with self-care, family, children, the kind of home you create, and your roots. There will be some action to take on the domestic front and you’ll know what it is when it arises.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Rhodochrosite.

Leo & Leo Rising: This week Mars enters Libra, your house of communication. Mars is the planet of energy, drive, and action. In this area of your chart, Mars will bring decisiveness and ambition. This house rules over self-expression as well as logic and memory, siblings and extended family, and travel. There will be decisions to make and actions to take, and Mars will make it happen.

Venus, the planet of love is already in this part of your chart, helping you connect with family members or assisting your ideas and creating community.

The Scorpio new moon on Wednesday lands in your house of home and foundations. Typically we set new intentions on new moons and begin a new cycle. You can set an intention around self-care, connecting with family, clearing ancestral karma, or creating a space you consider home emotionally as well as physically. This moon could inspire in you the urge to relocate or to put some roots down, Leo.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Morganite.

Virgo & Virgo Rising: Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio is in your house of communication and technology. You could be inspired by a new idea that leads to something positive or you could begin an important conversation that will have powerful implications in the next weeks. Since this is the house that relates to family ties, meaningful communication with a family member could have a positive impact now.

Also this week Mars enters Libra, your house of money and possessions. Mars is the planet of action and will. Libra seeks balance and is relational. In this area of your chart, the warrior planet will boost your self-confidence and bring your awareness to your work and finances.

Venus, the planet of money and love is also in this area of your chart, which brings an abundance of self-worth and self-love, and even some financial abundance.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Vrksasana.

Libra & Libra Rising: This week the new moon is in Scorpio, your house of money and possessions. You can create a new start with your finances this week, creating a new pattern with money and income. This could be a new beginning for you with money, self-worth, or security.

On Thursday, the planet of action, Mars, enters Libra, your sign. This happens in your first house of self, the most potent and personal house. Mars is about action, ambition, drive and willpower. You will likely feel a boost of confidence and personal power during this time, so channel it wisely.

The love planet Venus is also in that same area of your chart bringing some positive energy to your love life and finances. Make sure to bring your attention to your capacity to give and receive love and make adjustments if necessary.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Sodalite.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising: On Wednesday, the planet of action enters the sign of Libra. Mars represents action and ambition, movement and motivation. This will happen in your house of secrets, subconscious and healing. Something that you’ve been putting off or not dealing with will need to be addressed and you’ll feel compelled to take action on it.

Venus, the planetary muse of love and money is also in this area of your chart, which could play out as having some karma to clear with regard to relationships or some clearing and healing.

The new moon this week is in your sign, which is in your most personal house. This area of your chart is all about your Self, identity, and how you see life. Since new moons are typically good opportunities for new beginnings, you can set an intention on Wednesday to have a fresh start in life, with what you want to achieve.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Onyx.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising: Wednesday brings a Scorpio new moon in your house of secrets and the subconscious. New moons are times of new beginnings, in general, but this placement in your chart represents endings and closure. This could be a good time for you to let go of some energies you’re carrying that aren’t in alignment anymore. It is also possible that your work could be around getting closure or forgiving some betrayal.

On Thursday, the planet of action and ambition, fiery Mars, enters balance-seeking Libra in your house of alliances and groups. You will feel compelled to focus on your long-term dreams and making things happen, making your vision become reality, and you’ll have an increased interest in creating something meaningful in the associations and groups you belong to.

The moon is in your sign on Thursday, Friday and Saturday giving you a sweet supportive vibe.

*Your (essential oil) recommendation: Valor (Young Living).

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising: On Wednesday, we have a new moon in Scorpio, your house of friends, and alliances. New moons are typically times to make new intentions for new a new cycle. You could have a breakthrough with finding and connecting with the right people or group. Seek out like minds and collaborate.

On Thursday Mars, the planet of action enters Libra and your house of success and career. Mars makes things happen- it is ambition and aspiration and this is the area of your chart for those things. Be ready to take initiative and action at work to receive much-deserved recognition and to move your career forward.

Venus is also in this same area of your chart, bringing positive energy to your finances. You can work with these energies and create a new level of abundance.

*Your (essential oil) recommendation: Valor (Young Living).

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising: The new moon in Scorpio is on Wednesday. This moon activates your house of career. Since new moons are good times for setting new moon intentions and making new beginnings, create some space to do this on Wednesday. Focus on invoking the recognition that you deserve and the cultivation of your ambition and vision.

On Thursday, the planet of action and will power, Mars, moves into Libra, which is your house of mental exploration and freedom. Mars makes things happen. In this house, Mars can motivate you to take the adventures and long distance travels that you’ve been contemplating, as well as encourage you to pursue the new philosophical course of study that you’re interested in.

The planet of love, Venus, is also in this area and has brought some potential for romance and love in addition to financial abundance. You may meet someone important during your travels and adventures.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Upavistha Konasana.

Pisces & Pisces Rising: This week brings a new moon in Scorpio, your house of freedom and mental exploration. New moons are often points to pause to set new intentions. You can do that on Wednesday and focus on creating a new start, beginning a new course of study or learning a new language or taking off on an adventure.

Then on Thursday the planet of action and directness, Mars, moves into your house of spiritual transformation and regeneration. Mars creates movement and momentum and in this area of your chart will bring power and passion to your sex life and your joint resources.

Venus, the planet of love and money, is already in this area of your chart. Romance, sex, transformation, and psychic powers will be enhanced during this time.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Rose Quartz.

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