Into the Stars - Your Weekly Horoscope (October 5-11, 2015)

This is the week many have been waiting for – when Mercury turns direct.

Yes, it’s happening. Mercury is the planetary muse of the mind, the trickster ruler of communication, and has been retrograde (backward) since September 17. During Mercury’s retrograde, the energies associated with him don’t function in the normal way; it is as if he is hibernating in his own underworld and taking a break from his normal duties.

That’s why misunderstandings and miscommunications happen, technology can go haywire, and people (and issues) from our past show up to haunt us. Mercury will turn direct (forward) on Friday morning. Before you get too excited, remember that on the days these planets change direction or signs there is an exaggeration of their qualities and energies. This means that you shouldn’t schedule a long conversation to try and express everything you’ve been feeling for the past few weeks on Friday.

Wait a bit.

There will be a little shadow period after Mercury turns direct, but every day after Thursday will start to feel better with regard to communicating and thinking.

Everyone will likely still be assimilating and processing the recent eclipses this week, and since we experienced a highly intense September, use this time to recuperate and integrate. We all deserve some time to heal.

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Aries & Aries Rising: That was one fantastic (and intense) full moon and eclipse in your sign, Aries. It took all of last week to feel our feet on the ground again. This week we’ll still be integrating and assimilating the shock waves, a process that can take up to six months for most to understand fully the profundity and immenseness that occurred. Remember that eclipses activate and accelerate, and this eclipse was in your first house of self  it’s possible that you’re undergoing an identity shift of some kind.

On Thursday, the planet of love, Venus, moves into the sign of Virgo which affects your house of service to others and health. Venus rules over the affairs of the heart, relationships, beauty, and also money issues. With this arrangement, you could feel compelled to dedicate yourself to your own well-being and healing and to try and eliminate emotional stress in your relationships.

On Friday Mercury finally turns direct! Mercury, the planet that rules all cognition and communication, has been retrograde (backward) in Libra (your opposite sign), your house of relationships and harmony. For about three weeks, this has contributed to misunderstandings in all of your partnerships. After Friday ,things should start to feel a little better each day.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Larimar.

Taurus & Taurus Rising: This week Venus, your ruler and the planet that rules love and relationships, moves into the sign of Virgo; this is in your house of sex and creativity. You could feel a boost in the area of your self-expression, and romance or passion could pick up for you with Venus in this area now.

The planet that rules the mind, Mercury, turns direct on Friday morning after having been retrograde (backward) for several weeks. While Mercury is retrograde we can experience more misunderstandings and issues with relating to others. Mercury has been retrograde in Libra, your house of organization and wellness, and has affected your health and stress levels. It has also had an effect on your work relationships. Starting on Saturday these things will start to feel better.

The Libra sun is also highlighting this particular area of your chart for the month, and you may find that it will be a good time to reorganize your home and work spaces, declutter your life, clear up any miscommunications, and commit to getting your health on track.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Virabhadrasana I

Gemini & Gemini Rising: This week your ruling planet, Mercury, turns direct after having been retrograde (backward) since September 17. Mercury rules the mind, memory, communication and technology. During the retrograde cycle, the planet doesn’t function as it usually does and can cause disturbances and misunderstandings. Mercury is in the sign of Libra, which is your house of love and creativity. It’s possible that you’ve had some miscommunications or some challenges in your romantic life for the past few weeks; starting this weekend that should start to ease up.

The sun is in that same area of your chart for the month. I suspect that after Mercury turns direct you will have an energy infusion into your creativity, passion, love affairs, and self-expression.

The planet of love, Venus, changes signs this week, heading into Virgo on Thursday. That highlights your house of home. You may feel more compassion for and connection with your family, particularly one or more women in your family, and find yourself feeling a new level of love for what you value most in life. With Venus here you could also contemplate your roots, your ancestors, and what kind of foundations you are setting.

*Your (flower) recommendation: Lilies.

Cancer & Cancer Rising: Venus, the planet of love, enters the sign Virgo this week, bringing some Venusian influence to your house of communication. Your self-expression, the way you write, think and speak may be infused with more beauty and love, and you could feel more connected to your family members while Venus is here.

On Friday Mercury turns direct (forward) in Libra, your house of home and family. Mercury rules mental activities and communication. While this planet is retrograde (backward), its energies are not expressed as they usually are, so it’s likely that you ran into some mental confusion and misunderstandings with family members over the past few weeks. This weekend should bring some relief.

The sun is also in this same area of your chart. This month you will turn your focus and thoughts to home life, domestic duties, roots, foundations, ancestors, and what you value in life.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Bloodstone.

Leo & Leo Rising: This week the planet of love, Venus, leaves your sign. Venus governs all things related to beauty, adornment, self-worth, romance and money, and on Thursday she moves into Virgo.

This is your house of money and possessions, self-worth, security and finance, so you can expect some energy of prosperity to show up for you. Be mindful of overspending on luxury items that you don’t need.

The planet that rules over the mind and communication, Mercury, turns direct on Friday in Libra, your house of communication. Mercury has been retrograde (backward) for a few weeks which means that the energy of the planet doesn’t function in its usual straightforward way but rather is stalled or disrupted. It is likely that you’ve experienced your share of misunderstandings, upsets, technological mishaps, and general confusion. This weekend that feeling should begin to clear up. Since the sun is also in this area of your chart, next week you should start feeling more productive and full of ideas again.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Urdhva Dhanurasana 

Virgo & Virgo Rising: This week Venus moves into your sign, Virgo. On Thursday, the planet of beauty and love changes signs and will be in your house of self and identity, bringing your focus to self-love, self-honoring, what it is you value most, and your relationship to your deepest self.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on Friday after being retrograde (backward) for a few weeks. When Mercury is retrograde it doesn’t function energetically as it usually does and there can be a rise in misunderstandings and technological meltdowns. Mercury is in the sign of Libra, your house of money and worth. It is possible that you had some security or financial issues arise during this time or a lapse in your self-worth. Things will start to feel better starting on Saturday and will get increasingly better in the several days after. And a new moon in Libra is coming next week which will jumpstart a whole new cycle of money and self-love for you.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Onyx.

Libra & Libra Rising: The sun is in your sign Libra, bringing your focus this month to yourself and what you want in life. Mercury, the planet that rules over communication, is also in Libra and has been retrograde (backward) for several weeks. When Mercury is retrograde its influence and energies are different and disrupted, creating the opportunity for more mental confusion, verbal misunderstandings, and even some physical mishaps.

On Friday Mercury stations and will turn direct; things should start to feel like they’re getting back on track beginning this weekend finally. Until then maintain your patience and don’t take anything personally. This isn’t the best week to make big decisions or start big projects.

Your ruling planet, Venus, changes signs this week Venus rules over love, money and worth. The goddess-planet of love enters Virgo, your house of secrets and sorrows, bringing your attention to thoughts like how you deceive or are deceived in romantic relationships, what your karma is regarding love, what your hidden agendas may be, and where you can offer compassion and gain healing with relationships. This could be a time of some deep work for you if you choose to do it.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Citrine.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising: This week we have Venus, the planet of love and money, entering the sign of Virgo, which is your eleventh house of alliances and friends. You could form new friendships, join a new group, and have a renewal of your vision for life. Some of these connections and alliances could bring wealth your way.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, finally stations and will be direct on Friday morning. Mercury has been retrograde (backward) for several weeks in Libra, your house of hidden agendas and closure. It is possible that you encountered some misunderstandings, ran into some karma or people from your past, or uncovered some secrets during this Mercury retrograde period. This weekend Mercury will begin slowly functioning in his usual way. This will bring clarity to your thoughts and closure to old wounds or past encounters.

On Sunday, Jupiter, the planet of fortune and blessings forms a trine to your ruler Pluto, so stay tuned for some transformation or expansion.

*Your (pranayama) recommendation: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama 

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising: Venus, planet of love and money, enters the sign of Virgo this week, which is the area of your chart that deals with career and success. The influence of Venus here could bring material success, abundance and recognition. This house also rules fathers and important men in your life, so maybe there could be some healing in a relationship or appreciation of an important man in your life.

The planet of the mind, Mercury, will turn direct on Friday. Mercury has been retrograde (backward) for a few weeks, which means the energy of the planet manifests differently. For you, this has taken place in your house of friends and groups. It’s likely that you’ve experienced some misunderstandings and hurt feelings during this time. This is also your house of technology and since Mercury is the planet that rules technology you have had your share of technology blunders during this cycle. You can expect for things to smooth out after Mercury changes course this weekend.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Rose Quartz.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising: Venus, the planet of love and money, enters Virgo on Thursday, your house of mental exploration and freedom. You could find yourself compelled toward risk taking and truth telling. Venus rules beauty, worth, romance, connection and in this house she is concerned with the higher mind, philosophy, journeys, truths…

The planet that rules communication and cognition, Mercury, turns direct on Friday. This affects your house of career and success. When Mercury is retrograde (backward), its energies are manifested differently. During the few weeks, this planet is retrograde you may have encountered some blockages in the recognition and appreciation you received for the work you’ve done or had some misunderstandings or issues with your public reputation. Things should start feeling better after this weekend.

The Libra sun is also in this area of your chart, so you can expect some success and appreciation coming your way soon.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Bhujangasana 

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising: This week the planet of love, Venus, enters the sign of Virgo, which is your house of intensity and intimacy. Venus rules everything related to beauty, romance, worth, love, and money. When Venus moves to Virgo on Thursday, it will bring for you some sort of new transformation and a new focus on sex, intimacy, privacy and joining forces (and resources).

On Friday, the planet of the mind, Mercury, turns direct in Libra, your house of mental exploration and freedom. When Mercury is retrograde (backward), its energies are manifested and expressed differently, creating opportunities for misunderstandings and mental confusion. If you’ve experienced some disturbances in your travel plans, mishaps and miscommunications, that will start to feel better after this weekend. Then you can continue to plan your adventures and express yourself freely.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Setu Bandha

Pisces & Pisces Rising: Venus, the planet that rules beauty, love and money will enter the sign of Virgo on Thursday. This will bring attention to your house of partnership and marriage. It is possible that you could receive some material abundance during this time, or make an important business partnership, or find a partner to commit to.

Also this week, on Friday, the planet of the mind turns direct. Mercury has been retrograde (backward) for several weeks, causing disturbances in communication, self-expression, technology, and even bringing people from the past back into your life. This has all taken place in your house of intensity, regeneration and shared wealth. If you’ve experienced some issues and challenges with privacy, intimacy, sex, or joint resources those issues should be remedied in the coming weeks with Mercury’s direct movement.

The sun is also in Libra and in this area of your chart. Stay observant and watch for some sort of spiritual transformation or a boost in shared wealth in a partnership this month.

*Your (flower essence) recommendation: Tansy (FES).

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