Into the Stars - Your Weekly Horoscope (September 7-13, 2015)

September is underway and it’s a busy month.

Venus, the planet that rules relationships, relating and money just turned direct over the weekend, so this week we should start to feel some relief in the heaviness, headaches and challenges that we’ve been dealing with in these areas for many weeks. When a planet is in retrograde, it seems to be moving backward in the sky; the energy of the planet manifests differently during this time. During a Venus retrograde cycle, if you consult your astrologer, it is usually advised that you do not enter into a serious relationship, make major decisions about love or money, commit or get married. It is a time to turn inside and review past relationships, patterns and habits and get clarity and perspective, otherwise there will be consequences to deal with.

We have a short window of relief to make the most of relating and relationships between the time Venus is direct and the time Mercury (communication) turns retrograde (on September 17).

This week the moon moves through Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra. We have a New Moon in Virgo over the weekend followed by a partial Solar Eclipse (not visible in North America). Eclipses are intense magnifiers and magnetizers. Big changes are initiated.

We enter into what I call an eclipse portal, a powerful time from September 13 through the 27th. I’ll share a separate post about the eclipse window because there’s much to discuss. For now, enjoy your week, know that you’re OK, and enjoy Venus moving forward (when you can like people again).

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Aries & Aries Rising: This week Venus the love planet is finally direct (moving forward). When a planet is in retrograde it seems to be moving backward in the sky; the energy of the planet manifests differently during this time. Many of the relationship or financial trouble you’ve been in for the past few weeks should start to find resolution now.

The Virgo sun cycle we have now and all month is emphasizing your health and how you can be of service in the world.

On Saturday night, we have a new moon in this sign, so it’s the perfect time to set strong intentions for a new cycle and new resolutions dealing with how you take care of yourself, your well-being, and organizing your life.

Sunday morning brings a partial solar eclipse, opening an eclipse window. Eclipses shake things up, dissolve things away, and draw things close. It’s important to pay close attention to your thoughts and intentions this weekend, focusing on what you want, not what you don’t have. This portal, between Sunday and September 27 when the next eclipse is, is potent.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Green Tourmaline.

Taurus & Taurus Rising: The Virgo sun for this month is bringing awareness to your fifth house of creativity and passion. You’re usually steadfast and grounded, but this month you’ll have an unusual amount of energy and spunk to use to your advantage. Enjoy it.

Venus, your ruling planet, just turned direct in Leo after a period of being retrograde (backward) in which relating and money became challenging themes. That will begin to feel better now.

This weekend we enter into an eclipse portal, a liminal space between two eclipses (one solar, one lunar). It begins with a new moon in Virgo, again activating your house of sex and pleasure. This is a powerful time to set intentions for what you’re ready to call in and experience in your life. Sunday’s partial solar eclipse is a catalyst, making the new moon potential even more important. Think of this portal, between Sunday and September 27, an active and fertile space to manifest and create what you want.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Prasarita Padottanasana

Gemini & Gemini Rising: This is a busy month, Gemini so you’ll be in your element. We’re in the midst of the Virgo sun cycle, emphasizing your house of home and family. Your attention will be focused on connecting with family members, making your living space cozy, spending time at home and creating strong foundations all around.

There’s a new moon in Virgo over the weekend highlighting this same area; it’s the perfect opportunity to set new intentions and have a new beginning with all things home and family related. Think and feel: what do you want?

We are in what’s called the “shadow period” before the planet Mercury turns retrograde. When a planet is in retrograde it seems to be moving backward in the sky; the energy of the planet manifests differently during this time. Mercury is your ruling planet, the planet of the mind and communication. The retrograde officially begins next Thursday, in your fifth house of creativity and romance. I’m just giving you a head’s up so you can prepare mentally for some disturbances in love. (More to come on the subject).

There’s a potent solar eclipse on Sunday, initiating some unexpected changes or a transformation for you in your home life. Make sure you think positively starting Sunday about what you really want.

*Your (essential oil) recommendation: Balance (Young Living or Do Terra).

Cancer & Cancer Rising: We begin this week with the moon in your sign, giving you energy. The planet of love and money has just turned direct after a long visit in the underworld. When a planet is in retrograde it seems to be moving backward in the sky; the energy of the planet manifests differently during this time. This retrograde cycle affected your house of money and self-worth. Now that Venus is direct (moving forward), you should feel relief and progress.

We have a new moon in Virgo this weekend, highlighting your house of communication and ideas. Then there is a solar eclipse to catalyze change, initiate transformation, and just shake things up in general. Spend some time to contemplate and clarify new intentions, especially about your self-expression and family ties. Sunday’s eclipse is the first of two eclipses, the second one will be a lunar eclipse on September 27 in Aries; think of this as a particularly charged time in which your thoughts can manifest into reality.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Aventurine.

Leo & Leo Rising: This weekend we have a new moon in Virgo, highlighting your house of money, possessions, and worth. It’s the perfect time to set new intentions around these themes. The sun and new moon in Virgo form a conjunction, bringing a boost to your intentions. Then on Sunday we have a solar eclipse to bring undeniably changes to this area (the second house) of your life. Eclipses catalyze and amplify, so it is important to monitor your thoughts and wishes during this time. Focus on what you want to create.

Venus, which is in your sign, has been retrograde until last weekend, when this planet of love and money turned direct. When a planet is retrograde it seems to be moving backward in the sky; the energy of the planet manifests differently during this time. While Venus is retrograde it’s important to look at patterns in your relationships, investigate the way you relate to others and to money, and it isn’t advised to make big decisions regarding love or finances. Now that Venus is direct (moving forward), you will feel some of the challenges in these areas begin to lift.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Gomukhasana

Virgo & Virgo Rising: How are you enjoying Virgo season? Things are continuing to move in the direction of going your way. With the sun in your sign plus the good luck planet Jupiter also in Virgo… you have some celebrating to do. And this week it gets even better.

This weekend we have a new moon in Virgo (in your house of self, all about you) on Saturday night, with the sun and moon conjunct and harmonizing. This is the beginning of a new cycle and a new year for you. Set aside time to contemplate and ritualize new and relevant intentions for what you’re ready to invoke into your life. On Sunday morning there will be a solar eclipse (in Virgo)! Eclipses are game changers, shaking us up, clearing out what we no longer need and magnetizing and manifesting something new. It’s vital that you keep your obsessive thoughts and negative self-talk out of your consciousness during this time.

From Sunday’s solar eclipse until the lunar eclipse in Aries on September 27, the universe will be listening intently to you, including your self-talk. Focus on what you want to create. This is a potent time.

*Your (flower essence) recommendation: Forget me not (FES).

Libra & Libra Rising: Your ruling planet Venus has just turned direct. When a planet is retrograde it seems to be moving backward in the sky; the energy of the planet manifests differently during this time. While Venus, whose realm is love, relationships, self-worth, money, is retrograde it is not advised to make big decisions about love or finances or to get married or to commit. Now that Venus is moving forward again, some confusion or challenges in these areas can clear up.

This weekend we have a new moon in Virgo, your house of endings, self-undoing behavior, and sorrows. The Virgo sun is also residing in this house for the month. It isn’t the time to begin new things but rather to finish, tie up loose ends and rest. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set intentions on Saturday night’s new moon; contemplate where you’ve let yourself and others down and visualize how you can heal that if it’s possible. This is the house of karma and spiritual debt. Set an intention for how you want to move forward.

Sunday brings a solar eclipse that will catalyze some big changes. Focus on what you want to create.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Bhujangasana.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising: The Virgo sun in your house of friends and hopes is hopefully bringing new people and opportunities to your life, Scorpio. I know it has been rough recently. This weekend there’s a new moon in Virgo in this same house, so be sure to set new moon intentions for drawing your way the most wonderful people that will enhance your life and make it better. This is also the part of your chart that deals with long-term goals and dreams; Saturday is the day to contemplate and clarify what direction you want to move in.

Sunday brings a solar eclipse (still in Virgo) to assist in activating and actualizing your dreams. Eclipses are intense activators and magnifiers, so it is important that you stay aware of you self-talk and the visions you’re channeling.

The best news is that next week Saturn, the planet of karma and restriction, will leave your sign and enter Sagittarius - so it will be someone else’s problem! Saturn has spent an extremely long time in your sign and has felt like a disciplinarian standing guard over your life. That’s all about to change. And life will feel more at ease.

*Your (gemstone) recommendation: Aquamarine.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising  The sun is in Virgo this cycle, your house of career and aspiration. There will be a new moon in Virgo this weekend, so it’s appropriate to set intentions around your career, success, and recognition that you’d like to manifest.

Sunday we have a partial solar eclipse to further materialize your manifestations. Eclipses are potent activators and usually create tremendous changes. We’ll be in an eclipse portal from Sunday until the lunar eclipse on September 27. This means that there will be heightened sensitivity and increased propensity for magnetizing your dreams to you. Use this time wisely and be clear and conscious with your visioning.

Your biggest news is that next Thursday the planet of karma and restrictions, Saturn, enters your sign until December 2017. The next couple of years will be a time to assert your cosmic adulthood, take responsibility, deal with issues directly, and learn and grow as much as you’re able. It will take your attention, self-awareness, and ability and willingness; if you fight against it, you’ll only exhaust yourself. It will be an interesting time where your self-respect can increase along with everyone else’s respect for you. This will be a growth period. So this week I suggest getting prepared (and getting some rest).

*Your (asana) recommendation: Uttanasana

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising: With the sun and the new moon both in Virgo on Saturday night, there will be an increased emphasis on mental exploration, philosophy, long-distance travel, and discovery for you. Find time to contemplate and set a new intention for this emerging cycle, thinking about what you’d like to invoke and express. New moons always initiate new starts.

Sunday brings a solar eclipse that will catalyze and amplify whatever intention you set. Be intentional and aware with your thoughts and visions. Stay away from negative self-talk. All eclipses stir things up and often bring dramatic changes; focus on what you want to create, not what you don’t want to deal with.

Next week’s shift of Saturn (your ruling planet) into Sagittarius lands in your mystical house of healing and completion. You’ll be compelled to explore discipline, forgiveness, and karma as it relates to letting go in order to move forward.

On the very day that Saturn shifts, Mercury, planet of the mind, will turn retrograde in your house of career and recognition. Be extra conscientious and self-aware in your dealings and correspondence with co-workers.

*Your (flower essence) recommendation: Golden ear drops.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising: The Virgo sun in your house of intensity and mergers and privacy is bringing an emphasis this month to sex, spiritual transformation, and intimacy. We have a new moon in Virgo on Saturday night that lands in this same area for you. Then on Sunday morning there’s a potent solar eclipse that will activate and amplify for you these themes of sex, money, merging and regeneration. There could be a new love spark, an engagement, or you could run into a soul mate very soon…

Remember that Jupiter, the good luck planet, is also in your eighth house bringing an extreme expansion there to this same house.

Next week Mercury, the planet of the mind, turns retrograde in Libra, your house of discovery and mental exploration. It could create some confusion around study or what it means to you to feel free, and cause snafus in travel plans. Try to be patient and not make any big decisions during this retrograde period. This week, make sure to backup your computer and all of your writing.

*Your (asana) recommendation: Upavistha Konasana

Pisces & Pisces Rising: This weekend we have a full moon and a solar eclipse in Virgo, in your house of partnerships. You may experience a merging or union with someone new, or get closer to someone you’re already with. New moons are times to start over and set a new intention for a new cycle. Eclipses are catalysts, often bringing changes, disruption, or transformation of some kind.

Between Sunday’s solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse on the 27th we enter into what I call an eclipse portal, which is like a super-charged space that is fertile with potential. During this time, it is important to be clear and self-aware with your thoughts and visions and focus on what you want to draw to you.

The planet of the mind, Mercury, will turn retrograde next week so this week is a good time to reach out if there have been any hurt feelings during the recent Venus (love) retrograde (backward) cycle. Communication and relating can be challenging when Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks (usually three times a year).

*Your (asana) recommendation: Bhujangasana.