Introducing “Namasdrake,” and Other Hip Hop Yoga Classes

When you go to a yoga class, you likely anticipate the soothing sounds of Iron and Wine, Bon Iver, or classic Kirtan. 

But more and more yoga classes are starting to expand their soundtrack. One of them is Los Angeles, and featuring the music of one of hip hop’s most sensitive artists: Drake. 

With the tagline, “just hold on we’re going om,” it’s hard not to get excited about this new yoga fad. Namasdrake, as the class is so aptly named, is held monthly at the super-hip music venue Resident. A cross between hip hop dance party and workout, the class is hosted by DJ and event promoter T.J. Petracca. The class is dimly lit, and the sweet bass of Petracc'a soundtrack penetrates deep into your root chakra

Petracca also thoughtfully curated the class’s soundtrack, combining some of Drake’s iconic hits along with the hauntingly heartbreaking deep cuts. Teacher Paul Schneider leads the class in a sweat-inducing and therapeutic vinyasa flow, using poses to help mesh wih the vibe of the music. 

Despite the fast-paced natured of the class, beginners are welcome to join. Schneider also helps yoga newbies understand the importance of breath. Child’s pose is always available, and selfies are encouraged. (There’s even a snapchat filter featuring a cartoon image of Drake flawlessly holding Tree Pose.) 

But Namasdrake isn’t the only hip hop–oriented yoga class to sweep the scene. Y7 Studio, with several New York City locations and one in West Hollywood, offers classes themed to the tunes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kanye West. While Namasdrake is held in a nightclub, Y7 holds regular hip hop–themed classes in a heated studio. 

All you rock-and-roll junkies out there can get your musical fix as well. Yogaview in Chicago has been known for its Led Zeppelin-themed classes. While there aren't regular classes for this musical flow, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. 

While a silent practice is good every now and then, having a musically-themed class can be a fun way to invigorate your practice. It's also highly social; a friend new to yoga may be more inclined to join you, and you can meet folks who share a taste in your favorite musical genre. If you’re a yoga teacher who loves music, it might not be a bad idea to try implementing some of your favorite jams into a themed class. 

What sort of music do you want playing in your yoga class?

Amanda kohr

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