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Is their anything more cute than animals doing yoga?!

I think not!! This my friends is the “distraction that you have been waiting for…animals doing yoga! Check out these amazing primal poses from our friends in the animal kingdom…Personally I’m about to hop the next plane to Africa and grab these elephants by the hip points and help them elevate their bakasana into a handstand ;)

The “Lemur Lotus”

The “Polar Plow”

The “Upward facing I am the Walrus”

The “Utthita hasta padangustasan-oh my god its so god damn cute”

The “Downward facing Tiger”

The “Standing twist-a-roo”

and of course the “king of the jungle savsana”



Dan first stepped on the mat to find some balance in his “Rock & Roll” lifestyle and became instantly hooked. When he is not beaking away at his laptop, Dan can be found teaching yoga, traveling the world, eating and drinking his way through NYC, and enjoying the most out of every moment.

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