Jam of the Week: Drishti Beats' 'Time Flies'

Watch and listen as Drishti Beats take you on a visual journey through the rainbow spectrum; from the Root Chakra up and out into the cosmos in their song "Time Flies," the perfect end of summer yogi anthem. 

According to Drishti Beats:

"Time Flies" is a harmonious composition blending downtempo electronic chill music with live elements of voice, sax and percussion. The song is a mindful blend of smooth beats and melodies to enhance your Yoga experience with delicious ear candy. This is the core vibe of Drishti Beats; a downtempo electronic music group with live musicians, all on stage, while teaching yoga.

Drishti Beats's goal is to deliver compositions of music for listening pleasure and yoga practice. The group speaks to yoga participants both through the musical composition, as well as, enriched guidance, mapping a beautiful class journey. The video clearly describes the group and the track through a gorgeous blend of color and representative yoga poses of the chakras with stunning graphics and universe travel.  Mindful, blissful, meaningful, and yummy for the soul!

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The YOGANONYMOUS Jam of the Week is a chance to discover new (or old) music that you can incorporate into your practice, or just rock out with anytime of the day.