Jam of the Week: How I Became The Bomb's "Ulay, Oh"

The Jam of the Week is How I Became the Bomb's touching music video for "Ulay, Oh," featuring the story of performance artist Marina Abramović and her long-lost former lover Frank Uwe Laysiepen (stage name Ulay); the couple's story inspired the song itself. 

via Nashville Scene

You see, back in 2010, Abramović famously presented a 736-hour-and-30-minute piece called The Artist Is Present, in which she remained seated at a table in New York City's Museum of Modern Art, inviting spectators to come and sit opposite her. On opening night, Ulay surprised her. The pair hadn't seen one another since they ended their love affair in the '70s in most dramatic fashion — by walking the length of China's Great Wall and meeting in the middle for a final embrace. 

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