Jam of the Week: Keith Richards' 'Trouble'

The Jam of the Week is the Keith Richards' newest single "Trouble," from his upcoming solo album, Crosseyed Heart. 

Rolling Stone says: 

"The track is a stripped-down, no-nonsense rocker built around a bevy of quintessential Keef riffs — ragged, haggard blues lines that meander the fretboard and sound at once precise and just a bit 'juiced up and sloppy.'

Lyrically, Richards seems to be channeling his inner Lou Reed, singing about a pestering hanger-on in a voice that's both world-weary and wry. 'Just because I can't see ya, see ya anymore / That's because, honey, you're doing two to four," he sings, before cracking in the next verse, 'I could get you off the hook / but I know when I get you out, I won't get a second look.'"  

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