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What we Can Learn From Water & Music

Think about the thoughts, words and sounds you experienced or created today.

When you listened to music, what kind was it?  When you had a conversation with a colleague, what was the tone?  What were your thoughts after that conversation?

You may be familiar with the work of Japanese doctor, Masuru Emoto.  He began studying frozen water about two decades ago.   His research team immediately noticed a difference in samples taken from different geographic areas.  Water from rural areas produced beautiful, unique crystals.  Samples from densely populated, and more polluted areas produced no crystals at all.

The experiment evolved as the team began showing pictures, words and playing music to the water.  The positive sounds and images produced stunning geometric crystals.  On the contrary, negative associations caused the water crystals to appear distorted.

These findings, though debated, are surely enough to get you thinking.  If these stimuli have such a profound effect on water, imagine the effect they have on us. Approximately 70% of our body is water!  Are you filled with beautiful crystals, or distorted ones?

Recently, I was reminded of this concept when my iPod shuffled to a heavy metal song with aggressive lyrics.  It was a favorite of mine in high school.  While listening, my muscles tensed and I found myself bumping into people as my pace quickened.  My facial expression even turned to a scowl.  Definitely some crystal distorting tunes.  This music was making me aggressive and angry – no wonder my parents were at their wits end dealing with me at age fifteen.

Later, I wondered how this music affected not only me, but also others I came in contact with that afternoon.  Knocking into someone with an unfriendly stare isn’t going to improve his or her day.  I may have distorted their inner crystals, too…

Music plays an extremely important role in our lives.  It can make us “come together”, and it can also have the opposite effect.  Simply listening to a song deepens emotions exponentially.  If you’re frustrated or angry, choose music that will counter balance that feeling, not enhance it.  Try out something extra uplifting and upbeat to recreate those exquisite, perfect crystals in your body.

Music can take you from here to there almost instantly, so make sure to take advantage of it when you need a boost of positivity.  For me, a few minutes of “Like a Prayer” equates to laughter, smiles and awkward dancing no matter how dire the present situation.

To further design your inner sparkle, surround yourself with supportive friends who speak positive words.  Spend time with those that evoke happiness, excitement and inspiration in you.  Imagine that each encounter with them turns you into a brilliant kaleidoscope of crystals.   And, you have the opportunity to reciprocate this experience for them.

From time to time, you will be in the presence of less-than-blissful individuals.  When you find yourself in this scenario, praise them with positive words and thoughts so they’re distorted crystals can become beautiful, too.  It’s an interesting practice that will yield results over time.  Be patient and watch the power of positivity at work.

Masuro Emoto’s research expands on what is already known – people are heavily influenced by their surroundings.  Now, we’re starting to realize it goes deeper, occurring even at the molecular level.   Our interactions, environment and relationships actually do become our cells, tissues and thoughts.  This makes it truly important to evaluate our conditions frequently on the quest for inner beauty.

While you can’t control everything you’re exposed to, you can often seek out the good in life.  Positive stimuli result in feelings of satisfaction, wholeness and love.  Surround yourself with good, and you can share these fuzzy feelings to create a world of glittery crystals.  Get your sparkle on!

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