Jennifer Love Hewitt's "Rump Shaking Yoga Workout" | Sequence Inside


Jennifer Love Hewitt, featured in the March 2013 issue of Shape magazine, says a "rump shaking yoga workout" is her secret to staying fit.

Jen gave the mag a sample of the moves she owes her svelte figure to (pictured below)—drop-downs, burpees, planks and plenty of hip swivels, all part of the trendy “Buti” workout, which fuses funky dance moves with yoga poses.

“Buti has given my arms and shoulders definition, and helped to lift my butt, too,” says Hewitt.

“When life hits you hard — whether someone you care for dies or your lover leaves you — working out can save your life. It certainly saved mine.”

Check it out, turn on some tunes and give it a go: 1793_485129624881937_564453045_n_large


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