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The Cold-Sinus Blaster | A Juice Recipe to Eliminate the Heaviness

As we move through some subtle planetary shifts, some people may be noticing that everything “feels heavy.”

Some may even experience lack of motivation, weariness or even sickness. This is how we know that it is time for everyone to slow down a bit. But because it is time to slow down, that doesn’t mean that it is time to roll over and play dead, ya? You are very much alive and well! So, project: CLEAN FOOD has set up a nice juice recipe to not only blast out any sort of cold or sinus problems that may be manifesting, but also any sort of heaviness that you may be experiencing as of lately.

Usually when we get an attack of a cold or a sinus issue, it is our body’s way of telling us to slow down a bit. So, as usual, we got ya covered! Here is the energy juice you need to bounce right back when the time is right for you:

*Local Organic Carrot
*Local Organic Apple
*Local Organic Dandelion Leaf (Just a little bit)
*Local Organic Parsley (Just a little bit)
*Ginger (use your intuition: ginger is strong)

Carrots, Apples, Dandelion Leaves, and Parsley are available in local farmer’s markets now in abundance. You want to eat these particular products locally because they will allow your body to tune to the vibrations of the atmosphere and all the subtle changes within your immediate environment; when that happens, your body becomes stronger because you are more aligned with the land.

This little powerful juice combination is filled with beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, fiber, potassium, B-vitamins and tons of antioxidants and other minerals. The combination of dandelion, apple and ginger will help blast out any and all mucous within the system; and it also gives the liver a very slight cleanse. It invigorates the liver to purify your system so that the body becomes stronger once again. There are some nutrients in apples that also aid in digestion and act as a small kidney cleanser: all neccessary for purification.

When sickness affects the body, it affects the system as a whole. Although one part of the body may be grossly affected, all aspects of the body feels the strain: so keep that in mind while going through the healing and purification process.

So, go and muster up some energy to make a juice or take yourself to the local juice bar and get to work! Energy can never be created nor destroyed, right? So use some of that abundant energy to create that invigorating feeling of newness in your mind and body.

..are you eating CLEAN FOOD…



Dominick Hiddo is the founder of project: CLEAN FOOD. He helps people realize their potential to awaken and heal their own bodies, naturally. He also shares with others various philosophies on living an amazing and fulfilling life. And of course there are his eclectic writings, poetry, adventure travels, paintings, and teachings on yoga.

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