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Samadhi: Become Immersed in the Miracles Around You

Have you ever felt so completely lost in something that time seems to stand still?

For me, being at the beach, out in nature, and practicing yoga all give me that feeling of bliss, complete present moment awareness or Samadhi.

Samadhi is a state of being in which your mind becomes completely identified with the object of meditation. It is feeling immersed in and part of the beauty and miracles that surround you so that you become absorbed in the moment. Momentarily, the continuous stream of thought slows and allows you great clarity. It takes practice to have moments like these and yoga asana, meditation and pranayama all help. Samadhi (pronounced som-ah-dhi) is Sanskrit for “complete meditation” and even complete control over the functions of consciousness.

A regular yoga practice (two or more times per week) teaches you to live in the now, to appreciate each moment. By paying attention to the breath, to your movements and becoming the observer of the chatter in your mind during class — you learn to become completely engaged in what you are doing outside of class. With regular practice, you may notice yourself having more glimpses of Samadhi where there are no thoughts or anything else… time just seems to disappear.

It does take discipline, especially in our rush and accomplish society, to slow down enough to get this type of clarity. In fact you may not even realize how bogged down you are! When you spend most of your time listening to the continuous stream of thoughts you simply can’t fully attend to the present. You don’t fully appreciate time with loved ones, a gorgeous sunset, a good meal or great conversation because incessant thinking is the rule (not the exception) for most people. Yoga gives us the tools to slow or even stop the thoughts momentarily. Simply becoming aware of your inner world is the first step. In yoga, we start with breath awareness, then move into the poses, then deep relaxation and meditation. Great conditioning for becoming aware in daily life!

Everything need not be perfect in your life for you to experience this samadhi, or complete presence. Once you learn to glimpse bliss in spurts — the more bliss happens. In other words you are setting the stage to experience bliss, presence or Samadhi more often. You begin to discover that the practice of yoga (union of body/mind/spirit) is the reward. When you quietly reflect, slowly move and stretch your limbs, or get lost in savasana (final relaxation during yoga class) you become that which you seek!




Julia began her personal yoga journey in 1991 and continues her training and study of yoga and meditation with master teachers and those she considers to be master teachers. She is also well versed in both Ayurveda and holistic nutrition. A former television news producer, Julia now writes about yoga, health and wellness. Among her written works, a book, Just Me and the Trees which is a guide to meditation for children. Find Julia on Facebook at StudioLotus.

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