Kate Werning: Practice Mindful Politics This Election

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Is it even possible to bring our mindfulness practice into divisive political moments?

Our SoulFeed Guest:
Kate Werning runs Organizing + Field at CTZNWELL, mobilizing communities of well-being to take action to make possible the conditions of wellbeing for all. She is also a Hatha yoga instructor residing in Brooklyn, NY and with deep roots in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI. Kate practices the critical connection of personal wellbeing work with a deep commitment to collective liberation through social change every day. 

CTZNWELL’s theory of change begins with people. Through personal practice, community building, and collective action, we have the ability to transform ourselves and restructure our world to support the conditions of wellbeing for all.

What does a mindful platform look like? #voteWELL is a nonpartisan campaign by CTZNWELL to unite the power of the 50+ million people engaged in lifestyles of health and sustainability to vote in the 2016 election. If we reflect deeply on our values and commit to acting together on behalf of the whole, we can become a powerful political force of mindful, informed, and engaged voters that can help bring about systemic shifts toward the conditions of wellbeing for all people in our nation.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • What happened at our Mindful Debate Watch Party on Monday.
  • How CTZNWELL is changing the way we engage in politics.
  • Why it’s so important we ALL show up to vote, now and always.
  • The 7 Principles of #voteWELL.

Join Kate and Shannon as they talk through the ways we can powerfully and mindfully engage in political conversations.

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