Kosmic Koaching with KK: Life Coaching with a Celestial Twist

Do you love our weekly horoscopes? Read on to find out how you can get even more from our resident astrologer, KK Ledford. 

Kosmic Koaching with KK ~ Life Coaching with a Celestial Twist

(A celestial conversation and consultation to offer clarity for your life) 

Kosmic Koaching with astrologer and teacher KK is a celestial consultation that offers insight on what is happening in your life at the moment and suggestions on how to work with those energies. 

During the session, by phone, chat or Skype, KK will look at your chart and offer insights based on your question or concern and what is happening astrologically. The benefits of such sessions include clarity and understanding around any issue that is currently up for you. You can also focus your session on a specific area, such as where your Venus is (relationships), where your Mercury is (how you communicate), etc. 

One session is 15 minutes for $45 or five sessions for $190. You can also sign up for a natal chart or relationship chart or a tarot reading by emailing wildmoonwisdom@gmail.com. Wild Moon Wisdom also offers Online Distance Learning programs. 
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