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Off the Mat Spring Fashion: What’s in your closet?

Spring is here and it is time to renew your ‘Off the Mat’ wardrobe.  With all the recent press about the abusive practices of the fashion industry, about inhumane working conditions, rock bottom pay, exploitation, toxic chemicals in textiles, flouted environmental regulations, you may feel unsure of which companies to support with your dollars.

Check out NEW spring fashion by some of the most innovative sustainable fashion companies at Here you don’t have to worry about unknowingly supporting the dark side.  All the clothing lines available at are privately owned small businesses that vow sustainable and ethical practices. Which means conscious clothes made with integrity.

To jump start your spring wardrobe, YOGANONYMOUS readers get 20% off, through April 20th, 2014.  Use code: ECOEASTER. Check it out. Ethical fashion is everyone's concern.


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