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Our minds can be fertile soil for awareness, opening, joy, and building the life we want—or our minds can be wastelands for darkness, claustrophobia, and tearing ourselves to pieces.

Neuroscientist and mindfulness expert Dr. Daniel Siegel states that it's important to be introspective and take a “time-in” to reflect on where we are emotionally.

But our mind is not always a safe place.

According to psychologist Dr. Tamar Chansky, author of the book Freeing Yourself From Anxiety, there is a difference between introspection and rumination. With introspection we focus our thoughts on action-based processes designed to help us along our journeys. With rumination we wallow in self-defeating thoughts that turn into a recording we cannot shut off.

In this powerful new Radical Inspiration Podcast, Exavier explains four steps to shut off the all-too-common negative chatter and instead enjoy being in our heads.

The Radical Inspiration Podcast is tailored to spur you to action and pursue your true purpose.

Take notes and follow along with the special assignments for study, use, and practical application for living out your destiny.

Be inspired always!

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