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Career transitions. Relationship difficulties. Family challenges. Work deadlines. Health issues. Past trauma.

Each of these conditions cause the release of stress hormones in our bodies, and are known as stressors, according to the Centre for Studies on Human Stress.

Multiple stressors or an intense emotional response to one stressor can make us feel paralyzed and emotionally overwhelmed, according to, a website that helps connect individuals with therapists.

The feeling of being paralyzed or “burned out” is a crippling one that can endanger our emotional health. If you believe you should talk with a licensed therapist to deal with the multiple stressors causing you emotional overwhelm, then please do so as this can often help. Sometimes it can be hard—we may feel very vulnerable or even embarrassed to reach out for assistance—but as one barista wisely stated to me: “The most honest and courageous thing a person can do is ask for help.” Take the self-care route.

In this powerful new Radical Inspiration Podcast, Exavier explains in four step how to embrace the feeling of emotional overwhelm and navigate from feeling paralyzed to energized. Listen below.

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