4 Ways to Make Sh*t Happen, Yogically

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Here is my simple formula for making sh*t happen. 

Of course, you can't force anything to happen that isn't supposed to happen karmically, but sometimes there are things that are your destiny to achieve and do and be, but obstacles are perceived to be in the way of them coming to fruition. Here is how you bust through those blockages, yogically, of course.

1. Identify what exactly is in the way: Is it money? Is it a physical distance? Is it an injury? Fear? A belief about your capabilities? Define what exactly is preventing you from achieving your desire.

2. Create action steps to eradicate the obstacle: If it's finances, create a financial plan, crowdsource and ask for help. If it's an injury, seek healing therapies. If it's an intangible thing like fear, doubt, shame, guilt, you're in luck! Meditate, pray, journal, face your fear. Use the moon, or crystals, or whatever works to release it. Realize that any emotion other than love is not real, and choose to see the positive.

3. Turn to spirit: Tune in to your higher self, write down your goals and watch yourself moving towards them. Become mindful in everything you do. Become intentional. Look for serendipity in life, practice trusting your intuition and spend time in nature to get plugged-in.

4. Practice Discipline: Do whatever it takes daily to remind yourself what you desire, and why you desire it. Sometimes all it takes is an alarm on your phone with a quote that wakes you up every day feeling inspired. Cultivate your spiritual practice, whether it's an hour of yoga, or a short 5-minute meditation, or journaling session. Tune in!

Watch your life change.

"I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them!"- Yogi Bhajan

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