Marijuana and Yoga Making Headlines Again

This is definitely not the first time pairing the practice we all know and love—yoga—with an herb we all know and some of us love—marijuana—has made headlines and sparked controversial dialogue in our community.

The New York Times caught that stinky cheeba wind coming from the same yoga studio in L.A., Brazilian Yoga, where teacher Liz McDonald is in her third year offering a class she has dubbed "420 Remedy Yoga". She does her students a solid and starts class at 4:25.

From the NYT:

Liz is fully aware that there are some members in our community who would not approve of her Reefer Remedy, but she believes in what she's doing—which we think we can all agree is the most important thing. “I find it to be a valuable tool in teaching,” she said. “Disbelief is my biggest obstacle. People don’t believe that they can feel their heart beat or that they can send breath into their lower appendages. A little pot relaxes them into comprehending. And if you want to just lie down in my class, that’s O.K., too.”

We're guessing that there are going to be a few more classes like Liz's popping up with the legalization of recreational ganja in Washington and Colorado and we want to know what everyone thinks, which side of the fence you're on. Leave your comment below!

“At least some of the ancient sages were probably stoned out of their minds. Drugs can be a tool, and every tool has a positive and a negative aspect to it." ~Leslie Kaminoff