Massbliss Brings Mindfulness Festival to Parks in Brooklyn and the Bronx


On July 12th, Barretto Point Park, Grand Ferry Park, and Prospect Park will host the first annual MassBliss Breathing Booth Mini-Festival from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The event promotes NYC Parks and Mindful Living. Free programming will be offered in yoga, meditation, Pilates, music, dance, capoeira, and performance. Join Capoeira Brooklyn for a roda and learn to ginga, get your face painted, receive Reiki, write a poem, enjoy dance to live music, take a yoga class, or just sit back and enjoy being in the park. “MassBliss was founded to spread the joys of being present. The MassBliss Breathing Booth provides space to breathe, move, connect, and create. The Booth focuses our attention on the here and now. You will forget your inbox is overflowing,” promised James Puckett, Co-Founder of MassBliss. “Activating these beautiful, public spaces with the MassBliss Breathing Booth has introduced us to amazing people and we are looking forward to engaging New Yorkers with these creative and inspiring artists.

The MassBliss Breathing Booth is an invitation to breathe, move, and enjoy stillness,” adds Andrew Belcher, Co-Founder of MassBliss. Barretto Point Park will host multiple yoga classes with teachers from Kripalu as well as performances and workshops in Bachata, Mambo, Hip Hop, and Tango provided by Dancer Dreamzzz and Tango di Pietra. The park will be a dancing, body moving oasis amidst the rumbling trucks driving through the largest food distribution facility in North America. Grand Ferry Park sits on the water in the Southside of Williamsburg. Grand Ferry Park will host multiple acoustic sets including Spanish guitar, Capoeira Brooklyn, yoga, stilts, a cooking class, and Tango.

The MassBliss Breathing Booth in Prospect Park will be located at The Music Pagoda and will host more live music, yoga, face painting, and Capoeira. Each MassBliss Breathing Booth will have a creation station overflowing with arts supplies as well as a quilting project facilitated by “Brooklyn Quilt Girl” Sylvia Hernandez. The official schedule of programming is available online at: The MassBliss Breathing Booth is produced by MassBliss, LLC, a Massachusetts- and Brooklyn-based company dedicated to promoting mindfulness. Their mission is to “inspire and nurture the joy of presence — one breath, one being, and one community at a time.” The MassBliss Breathing Booth offers a break from the hustle and bustle in the city and serves as a reminder to be here, now.

To find out more information visit: Follow the event on twitter using: #breathingbooth For questions, thoughts, musings, or a simple hello contact: Andrew Belcher Co-Founder of MassBliss

Presenters: Kado Simmons, BombaYo, Shirin Sharif, Capoeira Brooklyn, Jenjo and the Bone, Dahlia Dumont and Decadence, Tango di Pietra, Dancers Dreamzzz, Chef Gabriella Álvarez, Katie Hagel