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Maureen Dowd Chills Out: Booze, Sex, and Yoga (Literature)…

In this a recent NY Sunday Times Maureen Dowd — best known for her snarky political quips and brilliantly worded polemics—served up what I can best describe as “dharma-dish.”

Apparently Dowd, infamous for her skepticism concerning just about everything, turns to sun salutations when the cynicism gets to be too much.  She explains that she hits the mat to “ameliorate the strain of working.” The Pulitzer Prize winning Op-Ed columnist recalls, “Ever since one particularly clenched day of columnizing years ago, when I found myself curled up on the floor… I’ve tried various remedies for the ravages of stress: The one that works the best is yoga.”

Her uncharacteristic faith in the practice was, however, shaken upon reading fellow Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times science writer, William Broad’s, new book The Science of Yoga: The Myths and Rewards in which the author explains myriad obstacles that arise from a yoga practice.  He refers to more than just pigeon pose without props. Among them are the drastic drop of metabolic rate, permanent serious injury and even yoga-induced madness.

As I read her review on The Science of Yoga I became concerned and intrigued. Is this heroin of modern journalism really questioning the benefits of Yoga?

No way.  Notoriously outspoken and unabashed in her biting–often downright hilarious—judgments Dowd speaks rather with sincerity to Yoga’s “blissful state of mind produced” with the staunch affirmation that her sense of serenity “can’t just be the buckwheat-scented eye pillow.”  Where did our witty politician bashing scandal buster go?  And what is she doing in savasana?

Well, apparently Yoga is better than booze or sex to take the edge off. As she continues to explore Broad’s new work Dowd explains that “Yoga is a kinder version of alcohol” and according to a yogini source of hers “the best sex she never had.”  Maureen Dowd has officially chilled out.

Still, ever the voice of reason and roasting she does at least end the piece in one well-placed jab at a certain money hungry rightwing radical politician.  She doesn’t think the mat is for everyone. True to form it seems Dowd may have abandoned compassion in this recent article.

But seriously, come on, Lady.  Herman Cain is quoted saying, in response to Occupy Wall Street, “If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself. It’s not a person’s fault because they succeeded.  It’s a persons fault if they failed…”

According to Dowd Broad’s book suggests politicians try the practice.  I definitely agree that it might do Cain well to go on vipassana in a pair of stretchy pants.  Or at least learn a new mantra.

This is an opt-in piece compliments of our friend Lily Kardon.

Lily, a Brooklyn based Yoga teacher, hails from the City of Brotherly Love. She graduated from Naropa University with a degree in Literature and Yoga Studies. When she isn’t practicing or writing she can be found exploring the Canyonlands with a backpack or cooking amongst loved ones. Look for her in Hawai’i, Colorado, California or on the East Coast.

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