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Meditation | Now There's a Better App for That

The iPuja Pro, a useful little app that bridges the ancient practice of Theravada Buddhism with our bustling lives, came out with Version 2.0 today.

Today, Lead Developer Fabrizio Bartolomuccii, introduced the iPuja Pro Version 2.0, a better, even more accessible, version than the first. Among a few other advancements, Version 2.0 has iCloud technology. To help keep track of your meditation path, the meditation periods are recorded and synched with all of your devices by the means of the iCloud technology.

“iPuja Pro version 2.0 takes the very best of the original app and augments it with the newest features of iOS 5 to make a truly useful tool for followers of the Theravada school of meditation,” says Bartolomucciii. “Every aspect of the app has been designed to ensure users have the very best possible meditative experience by marrying cutting edge technology with age old mysticism. Whichever school of Buddhism you practice, iPujaPro is the perfect meditation aid.”

Check it out at here.

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