Meditation Monday: A Meditation to Kick-Start Your Day

Monday mornings are infamous for being rough, but perhaps that's simply a matter of perspective. 

Can you see the day as a new beginning, or the start of a series of opportunities to create an exciting and inspirational week? Can you transform intimidation into excitement, or fear into curiosity?

This 10-minute, guided meditaton helps to set up your mind for a great day. Through awareness we can remember that each day is bursting with possibility, and execute our tasks with focus, power, and peace.

Imagine the day going better than you imagined. Perhaps are even more tranquil than you were yesterday, and better able to send compassion to your family, friends, and strangers. Doesn't that sound delightful?

Remember: You are in charge of your brain. Give it the space to breathe, and it will flourish beyond your imagination.